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@privateye : can you please try to load X-Men vs Street Fighter -> soft reset -> load Samurai Spirits Amakusa Kourin and see if graphics are corrupted or not ? If this problem can be reproduced I shall then prepare a beta build to check the status of A-Bus access registers.
I'm unable to test that because the 1MB/4MB RAM portion of my Action Replay cart no longer works with any of my Saturns. I'm guessing that the address pins for RAM access can't be read; if true, that's not surprising since the cart is in so-so condition.

It's important to note that these 1MB games have corrupt graphics when using an Action Replay*¹ or official 4MB RAM cart:
  • King of Fighters '96 *²
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury (not the special edition)
  • Samurai Shodown IV
(*1) Not with all Action Replays, though. My AR (the one that is currently borked) used to work fine with all three games, but I can't recall if these (and other 1MB) games exhibited graphical corruption when loading a 4MB game beforehand.
(*2) 4MB hack is available and includes new features not found in the vanilla version (e.g. faster loading times, bosses already unlocked).

In most cases, loading Samurai Shodown IV (Amakusa Kourin) with an Action Replay cart will result in corrupt graphics, regardless of what game(s) you have (or have not) loaded beforehand.

The games that only support 1MB, like KOF '96 and Real Bout will have graphical corruption if a game like Vampire Savior has been run beforehand.
Do you confirm that these games have no graphical corruption when loaded straight away from cold boot? As I mentioned above, it's normal for these to have graphical corruption on official 4MB RAM carts and (most) Action Replays.
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It would appear that I get corruption on the very first power on walking up to the system. But after a quick power cycle it's been cleared. I can then soft reset among all 3 of those SNK games and even mix in loading of non-RAM games without issue, but when a 4MB games is loaded the corruption returns and will not go away until power cycled. It doesn't matter how many regular games, or even 1MB game that plays nice with 4MB (Metal Slug) I try. Cart is stuck in 4MB mode until hard power cycle.

This is anecdotal, as it's been many years. But I don't remember trouble with corruption from my old AR cart at all when loading something like Samurai amakusa from the actual disc.

As for your dead cart, it's possible the RAM section is fine but in just poor contact with the Saturn. This just happened to me when I dug out the old 2.01 cart. The menu portion loaded fine, but loading a RAM expansion game returned the cart required screens. I had to mess with cart positioning quite a bit for the menu AND the RAM to work.

The new cart actually took a dozen resets in the Saturn to work. Once I found a sweet spot, I took a fine point sharpie and drew a dashed line across the cart face even with the shell of the system. Like a depth gauge. So far, I can now take out and install the cart to work reliably by lining up this marker line with the top of the Saturn shell.


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To sum up things simply, compatibility issues are weirder than expected :) As it's not possible to do some testing, please wait for the next occasion privateye and me will have to use a cartridge featuring expansion memory.