Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

Super Tempo works fine for me with the default CWX loader. If you're using one of those all-in-one cartridges then your first port of call is to add shielding in order to fix compatibility issues caused by electromagnetic interference: PPCenter :: Pseudo Saturn Kai Compatibility List
Thanks for confirming it works. I've got the older gray Action Replay 4-in-1, so no switch on top and no save compatibility after flashing Psuedo Saturn Kai to it, which I think means I don't have to do anything to it.

Going to assume a bad burn or bad rip, I'll do some testing with Nero DiscSpeed which seems to be working alright now, and burn another. My Saturn disc drive's laser was replaced with a new one from Aliexpress that seems to be working fine on all official discs.

EDIT: Retroarch on PC, loading off the same disc, locks up for a second at the same spot on the intro and then plays the music starting at the wrong spot, so just a bad burn :bigthumb:
Maybe you can still get fancy Taiyo Yuden discs... (checked and you can btw)
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Sorry to double-post but I figured a bump would make this much more visible.

paul_met's Akumajou Dracula X Extended patch appears to only work correctly with the CWX Loader. The Game ID might be the same so it may not be able to be detected automatically, but maybe the hack can be added to the compatibility list if it's corroborated (and if hacks warrant going on there at all).

I tried two different versions of Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite on my gray Action Replay 4-in-1, with different results:
1) 6.408- JHL Loader- crash when starting game as Richter, stuck on first loading screen
- CWX Loader- not tested
2) 6.483- JHL Loader- crash when entering save room, screen goes black and music keeps playing, until it eventually starts stuttering the last second over and over. Disc drive does not sound like it's struggling in any way.
- CWX Loader- Appears fine so far, tested up through the first boss with several save room loads.

Disc source was a redump verified rip and burn is good from objective quality testing. Works fine on emulator loading from the disc (as opposed to the locking up I got with the previous game I was discussing).

At the very least maybe this can help further improve the JHL Loader!

EDIT: Fishy behavior on CWX Loader as I continue too. Maybe it really comes down to the 4MB functionality of the Action Replay carts being really spotty.
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