PSX copied game problems

I have burned games psx games and saturn games but whenever i burn psx games, the audio or the video skips alot. I dont know if anybody knows anything about this, but i have a model scph 1001. Is it because of the old model? or the cdrs?

any help would be great
Even though this is a general forum and you're free to ask whatever you like [well maybe once ;)], you'd probably get more help from a PSX forum.
Chances are it's either the fact that it's the SCPH-1001 (that model in particular is infamous for having the laser mechanism wear out quickly), or you're using really crappy media. I see no mention of how originals perform...
laser intensity shmaser shmintensity

its fairly well known that the 1001 was a PoS... Yer psx is beat.. you can screw around and try different cd media types and screw with the laser and whatnot, but your better off payin the 40 bucks or so for a new psx..
you can also pick up a replacement laser unit

but when i looked at that i founf they were £35, which is the same as you can pickup a second hand psx for here

is there any particular model that doesnt give grief?

i have a scph 5502, and my brother has a 7?02 (its either a 7502 or 7002) and we havent had problems yet, i gather these are the later model ones?
all psx's are beat... sega almost always built sturdy consoles (lord knows how much i've mucked around with my saturn ;))

get a new psx, or a saturn :D
Before you start wasting money on all these suggestions, make sure it isn't your media as ExCyber suggested. I've had enough problems myself with my newer 9001 being picky with lower quality cdr's. All those cdr's had skipping audio or fmv.

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Sounds like your laser is on the way out. My old 100x was doing just the same thing with almost all CDRs just before I sold it to Funcoland. Heh heh heh. If turning it upside down or on it's side helps... your laser is dying. Don't waste your $$ on another laser, just pick up a used or refurb unit [700x if you can get it].

Good luck.
Out of curiosity since I use Nero. What makes it special about burning PSX games? I'm just asking since I don't have a Playstation (I'm a Sega Man) I just know that there are sectors that your CD burner will see as bad but is used for the copy protection on a PSX (or something like that)

Increase the intensity of the laser unit, that should give a second chance to your psx. It's just as easy as doing it for the saturn.
I don't think there's anything really special about Nero. As far as I know, BIN/CUE is the most popular format for PSX.

As for the PSX copy protection, I've seen a number of theories (some of which are clearly complete BS, such as "the PSX checks to see if the disc is black"), but I believe the best explanation is that the boot protection is the presence of non-standard (I've heard all-zero) data in the EDC/ECC areas (the ones defined by Red Book / IEC 908, not the ones in Yellow Book / ECMA 130). As far as I've been able to tell based on reading final drafts of the SCSI MMC standards (the actual ratified ones cost money...), there is no command to read or write these areas. They are apparently handled by the burner's processor or possibly an ASIC, which probably results in standard EDC/ECC encoding on all discs.