The whole DVD rot thread made me wonder if the cases for DVDs have PVC in them. If anyone is a card collector and you put your cards in plastic sleeves you know you want sleeves that are PVC free. I guess PVC his slightly acidic and will eventually over time ruin the card the plastic sleeve was designed to protect.. So could maybe the be causing some of the problems people are having?

I dunno, it was just a thought
hmm I don't know -- how would you go about finding that out?

I, unfortuanately, was a big card collector, BTW
Hehe... Amazing that this comes up now, a week and a half after I start working for a company that MAKES DVD and game cases...

The card and comic holders that have PVC in them are made of Polyprolene and Polyurithane. Even the ones that say they are "PVC FREE" are not, they are sprayed with a coating that keeps the PVC from breaking down for a period of 6 to 18 months. The only way to get a true acid free protector for cards or comics is to get one made out of Mylar. The reason this proves a problem for comics and cards is because paper contians acid, and the ink used to print them also contains acid. Using a Mylar bag with a carbonite board helps to neutralize the acid from the paper and ink, preventing any yellowing.

That said, DVD and game cases are made out of Polyurithane and the clear covers that hold the paper inserts in place are usualy Polyprolene, though Polyurithane is also used. HOWEVER, the clear part of CD's and DVD's are also made of Polyurithane, so placing a Polyurithane part in a Polyurithane case doesn't really make any difference.