RAM carts

having a browse on lan-kwei i noticed there were a variety of ram carts available.

i also noted that these are manufactured in china and the prices seem to vary quite a bit.

it doesnt have to be from lan-kwei (better if its not anyway) but can someone recommend a good ram cart?

perhaps one that they have purchased themselves?
i don't really want an action replay included in the cart as it puts the price up considerably.

i suppose though the 4-in-1 includes the snk ram and save space as well doesnt it?

i'll look into getting one, it does look more of a safe buy than alot of other stuff i've seen.
Don't bother getting anything other than the 4in1 plus, it's not worth it. You'll just end up regretting it when it doesn't work for one thing or another. the 4in1 plus does region switching and words for eveyrgame that I've seen that requires a ram cart (though it may require a simple mod), has the built in save space, and the AR if you should ever feel the need to use it.