Rare stuff that you are proud to call your own...


Sega Model 1 genesis

SMS add-on for genesis 1



Saturn (of course)


Original Light guns for saturn and SMS (2 each)

Saturn Arcade pad

3d controller

saturn steering wheel (sega)

Titles (rare)

Dragon force, (box instruct , everything)

Complete Phantasy star series (walkthrough books, maps and all)

shining force 1,2, Scenario 1 and sword of haija (<-sp)

im doing pretty damn good for a 17 year old , no? what do you guys have that enforce your status as a HARDCORE sega fan?
Sega Nomad/ Gamegear/ Model 1 Genesis / 32X/ Model 2 Sega CD / Master System / Model 2 Saturn / Dreamcast (Aug 99).

- Close to every accessory for the Saturn (except the flight stick, MPEG card, and a PAR, and I'm sure a bunch of those other neat-o things like floppy drive, etc.). Not one but two light guns, one is a Nyko (expensive, but awesome).

I don't have any rare titles for any particular system per se, all these rare games (Dragon force, Phantasy Star) I never found interesting to begin with. I guess the closest are Dragonball Densetsu, and FP:6MS. I did have Sword of Hajya for the GG, but I sold it. I have a 56in1 cart for the GG as well (more like 25-30in1, but whatever) with games like Fatal Fury 2 SE, Samurai Shodown, Lion King, Spy Vs. Spy, and a bunch of others.

And to top it off: a Sega Pico, and the Sega Pocket Organizer.
Ninja Gaiden 1, 2, 3 & Ninja Ryukenden 1, 2, 3. Of course Trilogy and Tomoe as well
All with full packaging.

Oh, and I guess all my Neo-Geo stuff too.
I think the fact that I have a slave pc setup just so I can hook up my PC Commslink card to my saturn (which hasnt had a case on it for over 2 years now) while playing videogames is enough to say that I'm either hardcore, or hardcore loser.
My little treasure are my cdx, my famicom (with macross
), and original radiant silvergun, dead or alive and dragon ball z legends for my saturn
Originally posted by SkankinMonkey@May 29 2002,22:21

I think the fact that I have a slave pc setup just so I can hook up my PC Commslink card to my saturn (which hasnt had a case on it for over 2 years now) while playing videogames is enough to say that I'm either hardcore, or hardcore loser.

LOSER is the word


I already keep my old soundblaster 2, from wich I heard my first pc game song...doesn't know if that counts...
Well my Saturn and Sega cd peripherals used to be rare to me until recently I found a place that still sells saturn and sega cd games and stuff! Btw, I know this is a little off topic, but does anyone own Rockman Super Adventure(not looking for iso)?
SEGA Master System with 3-D glasses=4 only 2 come with glasses!

SEGA Game Gear=3

SEGA Genesis=2


SEGA 32-x=2

SEGA Nomad=2

SEGA Saturn=3

SEGA Dreamcast=4 2 with blue cases

SEGA Web browser 3.0/with Java

SEGA Dreameye=1 very $$$$$

Add on's would take WAY, WAY 2 much time 2 type!

Freeeeee!! HAHAHHA (Back then I knew how to get around the xband system)

I wouldve only had to pay IF I played the games to anyone not in my calling area
Free? Really? Wow! I had a cousin who had the Xband for his Genesis and his phone bill was like $300+ in one month (yeah, he made some long distance calls once or twice or multiple times). His mom was pissed when she found out.
Yea dial in itself was normal costs HOWEVER xband did like a 1900 deal but you could get around alot back then
(Keep signing up for free month)

HOWEVER what KILLED you was playing others in the USA (If they were out of area code)

Arakon and I are trying to get xband dumped for us here.... not going so well =( (I bougght another and had it shipped here)
My little lot:
(just the Sega stuff here)

PAL MegaDrive x2

JAP MegaDrive

PAL MegaDrive 2

PAL Mega-CD 2

PAL MultiMega

PAL Master System x2

PAL Master System 2 x2

JAP Model 1 Saturn x2

PAL Model 2 Saturn

PAL Dreamcast

UK GameGear x2

USA Saturn Flight Stick

JAP Saturn Flight Stick

UK and US Saturn Virtua Gun (1 Blue and 1 Orange, just like the arcade

Box of 5 sealed Sega Saturn branded blank CD-R's

Boxed Master System Light Gun x2

Master System Convertor for GameGear

Master System Convertor for MegaDrive

JAP Saturn - NiGHTS, KOF 95 + Cart, Virtua Cop 2

JAP MegaDrive - Strider, Ghouls n Ghosts, Thunder Force III, Golden Axe

Master System - Wonder Boy, Fantasy Zone

Master System Card - Teddy Boy, My Hero, Super Tennis

JAP Dreamcast - VF3 with Project Berkley preview GD

Plus TONS of games and peripherals I can't list here.

I've got LOADS of gaming stuff, but the only things I would consider even slightly rare are:

C64 modem

Sega Multi-Mega (PAL CDX for those that don't know)

Pitzronic Programmable Tournament system
According to eBay, everything I own is rare.

'Boxed fresh air VGC!! No reserve! RARE!!'

All my stuff which might be considered rare are shooters.. Gunstar Heroes, Gradius Deluxe Pack, Salamander Deluxe Pack, Gradius Gaiden (psx) and an original R-Type PCB.. Which I still can't finish even on free play.