Rare stuff that you are proud to call your own...

Ummm?!? That was the joke, skank. Maybe it was too subtle. I was refering to the ammount of items that people are caling rare that are'nt at all rare. ???
Originally posted by Hollywood Hasney@May 31 2002,08:13

Hmm, forgot about my 3 Bleemcasts... they are cool too

I have all 3 BC as well PLUS the games... and the system... and the controllers... and the memory cards... and the TV... and the whatever there is. Take that!
For me I have:

Sega CDX (got for 10 bucks), JVC X'eye, Sega Master System, Genesis model 1

I don't think these are "rare" but the cdx and x'eye are harder to find than a sega master system...

I would like to get my hands on a Japanese Mark 3 system for that extra FM sound chip...

Let's see, rarest thing in my collection...

I had a Broadband Adapter, until I sold it cause $140 worth more to me compared to it.

I've got a shitty Lynx. Not many people with those.

Oh I know. How about Daytona USA CCE Netlink Edition?
Rare Items I still Have

- USA Panzer Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn

- Sega Nomad

- NetLink For Saturn

- 3 Bleemcast! Discs

- X-Men Vs. Street Fighter for Sega Saturn

- Vampire Savior for Sega Saturn

- Dead Or Alive for Sega Saturn

Probably A Few Others In My Collection That I'm Leaving Out..

Rare Items I No Longer Have Because I'm Young And Stupid, Most of These Wen't to Funcoland for next to nothing!

- Panzer Dragoon I and II

- Worms for Sega Saturn

- Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout for PSX (got about $80 store credit but i've seen it go on ebay for up to $200!)

- Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 for SNES

- One of the later Dragoon Warrior's for NES, which one, I can't remember

Might Not Be Rare, but once again traded them in like a fool

- Warcraft II For Sega Saturn

- Ace Combat II For PSX

- Command And Conquer for Sega Saturn

- X-Men COTA for Sega Saturn

- Baku Baku for Sega Saturn

There is actually a store here that has the Daytona Netlink edition packaged with Virtual On Netlink Edition, with the actual netlink and manual all shrinkwrapped and brand new for $15.
Rare stuff? don't have much in the way of RARE Sega stuff, at least not anymore, I used to have a Sega Genesis CDX, Snatcher and lunar 2:EB Disks but they were stolen years ago
Probably been sold on ebay like 20 times by now...

I do have some 3do Rare stuff though:

Goldstar 3do w/ VCD module

ALG Game gun

SNES pad adapter

Rare stuff - lemme see what looks rare(-ish) here:)


Official Mega-CD RAM cart

Mega-mouse and mousepad

Offficial Saturn MPEG card

2 official Saturn analogue pads

Official Saturn RAM cart

Games (tricky):

Phantasy Star 1-4, only missing hint book for 2 (got the map) and box/manual for 4

Ys - The Vanished Omens

Ultima IV (Missing second map) (MS)

Fantastic Dizzy (GG)

Shining Force 1-3 (All parts + PD) + CD, Shining in the Darkness, Shining Wisdom, Shining the Holy Ark

Landstalker (missing manual

Sonic CD

Ecco 1&2 CD


Corpse Killer & Night Trap 32XCD

Saturn Photo CD OS

Sonic Jam & R

Enemy Zero

Panzer Dragoon Saga
Mega Drive model 3

SegaCD model 2


SMS Adaptor for Mega Drive

SMS Lightgun


All Sonic games for Mega Drive

All Sonic games for Master System

Sonic CD (US - Blue CD)

Shemnue 1 & 2

Sonic Adventure 1

Sonic Adventure 2 (Special Edition with Audio CD!)

Xmas Nights (and I don't have a Saturn!)

Sonic Jam

A lot of Sega games for the MSX computer!

Not too much...
I've got a reasonable amount of "rare" stuff:

-SMS(busted lightgun, first system ever)

-Genesis model 1(sold my Linx to get $$ for it)

-Genesis model 2(newly aquired)

-SegaCD model 2(damn thing would reset every time a dust particle hit it, so I saved alot in Lunar)


-Game Gear(just got it dirt cheap

-dreamcast(most genuinely fun system I've had)

-Snatcher, Lunar 1 and Gunstar Heroes(Lucky!)

-a wide assortment of less rare games and systems

too bad I never scored a Saturn, but they were to pricy for me at launch, and now I'll have a bear of a time finding one
I was wondering if someone could tell me the rarity on something I bought a few days ago. It is a game.com, and the only game that I found was Fighters Megamix, I bought these with about a total of 17-18 dollars.
Originally posted by FLEABttn@May 31 2002,20:10

I've got a shitty Lynx.

I got one too when they first came out. They are selling them brand new in Game now. £10 for a Lynx and 5 games or £10 for a Jaguar and 2 games.... £30 for both and more games, so they are becoming slightly more common

Lynx's were not too bad anyways, get Desert Strike for it
or Crystal Mines.... but not Basketbrawl
I have a MB Vectrex
plus a few Sega Mark III (Japanese SMS) and SG-1000 carts, but not much else that's exotic or rare.