Rare stuff that you are proud to call your own...

I guess the only Sega-related item I have that can be called "rare" is my Euro-Netlink, and even that's only rare outside Finland.
I'd post something, but Im too lazy
Is the CDX considered rare? Wow, I just got one for 20 bucks 6 months ago :p

Lemme see... damn, lotsa of my Saturn games are pirates... I guess Guardian Heroes US isn't rare. Awesome, indeed, but not rare (or is it?).

*sniffs the drawers*

Ah! A SMS cart! hmm... Ultima IV... is this rare? Maybe not... I kept it after selling my SMS 10+ years ago, because I couldn't beat it.

Hey, I got a few brazillian SMS manuals (they came with games I rented millenia ago, but I sometimes forgot to give back). MERCs, Island of Illusion and Zillion.

Broke fucks like me can't get much rare stuff.
I bet the guy who stole those PSO Card Battle figures from Sonic Team at E3 thought he was real hardcore...
I remember when someone stole a beta copy of starfox 2 for the snes, I wish that game made it to production looked friggin cool, i'm just surprised that there has been no rom copies made of the game, puzzling.
New question:

To what lengths have you taken to enforce your love for the game..(any decent games you liked)

-I remember moving my 13 inch tv all around my basement to see how playing the game would feel in this, or that area, lol.. man i take that lil thing outside on some hot summer days too!, play phat star on the patio , haha

i can remember hooking up an rf switch (2 audio cables on one end "white and red" and a Mic jack on the other" in to my genesis model 1 and my mini system cd player (i plugged the audios in to the cd out part on the minisystem so i had to crank the volume on the thing because all i was recieving was feedback from shoddy craftsmanship on the minisystems manufacturers part) (dont ask how i did it, but if i could blast my thunderforce tunes in stereo i didnt care what electronics i was wrecking)

damn back when i was like 12-14 years old i used to record BGM's off of the tv from the sound test in the game on to a tape then go around and listen to it, lol. (only for snes though, with gen you could use the microphone-in plug on the model 1)

gaming (Sega mostly) has to have had a hiuge influence in my life, if this means nerd by conformitys standards? well then so be it
Hmmm, Not much. I've got a copy of Phantasy Star for the SMS, a broadband adapter, a pair of Maracas...MGS Bleemcast...not much I guess.
Um.. i guess I've got a model 1 saturn

Sega Master System with few games incl. ps1

um Panzer Dragoon Saga with the white sleeves, (if that makes a difference)

For these next two I've only seen one copy, the one that i have.

Blaster Master 2 for Genesis?

Donkey Kong for Intellivision?

i've just started to wonder, is Shockwave, Operation Jumpgate for the 3do rare?

You know what? I have no exclusive items, like limited editions or prototypes. I feel empty...
Cool but not really rare. Rare would be the 4 compilation bleemcast disks that were out very briefly, that supported 100 games each.