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[Release] GDMenu Theme Manager v1.5 1.5

Hey guys here is a pc app i made to allow you to change the look of the GDMenu theme, This app contains some themes i've made as well as some other people have made and it also contains the following:

  • GDEMU SD 1.10
  • GIMP2 Saves (Templates for making your own theme) - Optional
  • GDEMU Games List Generator (Created By Me Also) - Optional

This app is something i've been posting on the SegaNet discord and have had quite a few people test and has had quite a few updates adding features that were requested and the usual bug fixes and optimisations.

Demo And Tutorial: (Made by my friend ateam)











Console Preview:

This app also contains a built-in readme for anyone who wants to know how to use this but if you have any questions just let me know and i will be happy to answer them.

Basic Guide:
Choose a theme from the list on the right.

2. Click import theme.

3. Click save and save the .bin to the apps root directory (The name isn't important) and by default it will be named NEW-THEME.BIN.

4. Click scramble.

5. Now navigate to the 'GDEMU_SD 1.10' folder and launch the 'GDEMU_SD.exe' which is the GDEMU SD Card Maker 1.10 app.

6. Insert your GDEMU sd card if you haven't already and select it on the GDEMU SD Card Maker 1.10 app and your games should appear, now simply click Save on the GDEMU SD Card Maker 1.10 app and yes to customize and then simply click Done and let it apply the changes to your sd card and the new theme should be applied and you can close both applications and eject your sd card and test it out in your dreamcast.


GDMENU Theme Manager:

GDEMU Theme Manager v1.5

Updated (07/01/2021) - Added more language options for you to alter on GDMenu but also had to disable altering REGION and ON as due to the way this is done the ON in REGION are the same one so by changing one you alter the other sadly.
I've also added the ability to use language text files for if you want to have your own custom one, Simply use the English.txt file provided in Assets/Languages as a template.
Updated (05/01/2021) #2 - Fixed issue with the Languages Options being too large.
Updated (05/01/2021) - Added quite a lot of customizable options under the Advanced Options menu including a way to move various things around such as the position of the disc image preview.
Updated (31/12/2020) - Added a new app I made in with the latest release which allows you to create preview images of your own themes directly from the pc using nothing but the theme png file, I have also updated the previews on my server to ones made with the app and updated GDMenu Theme Manager to reflect these changes.
Updated (30/12/2020) - Overhauled the themes section so themes are now stored online which means new themes will just show up automatically, I've also cleaned up some of the files that aren't needed anymore and simplified the Theme template included.
Updated (26/12/2020) - Worked on improving the Font Colors more and added the ability to change how many games are listed per page.
Updated (23/12/2020) - Fixed issue where the font colors option wasn't working correctly.
Updated (22/12/2020) - Added a way to change various colors on GDMenu thanks to megavolt85 as well as improved the way the bin file is scrambled. I have also added two new themes made by ateam.

GDMenu Theme Preview Generator:

This application comes included with GDMenu Theme Manager and allows you to take a theme png you've created and instantly create a preview image for it without having to flash the theme to an sd card, stick it in the dreamcast and using a phone to take a screenshot or a capture card.

GDEMU Games List Generator: (Separate Download)
GDEMU Games List Generator v1.3

GDEMU Games List Generator Preview:

To Use This Correctly Remove The Disc 1, Disc 2 etc From Your Game Names, It's Not Needed In The Game Titles As GDMenu Tells You The Disc Number.
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added 3 new themes created by 'Everyone's Favorite Dead Girl' and 'Mayor Qwert' from Discord
updated the rev of GDEMU SD Card Maker i was including
Hello @RazorX,

I'm donwloadind the app for test it, big thanks for your work :beerchug:. I have a question about the app, It's possible create a theme 90 degrees rotated? I like to do a mini compilation with Shmups tate compatible and will be nice have a gdemu also in tate mode.