Rez help

maybe i'm just bad at this game but i can't get 100% analysis on levels 3 and 4, and in order to unlock level 5 do you just have to have analysis levels at 100% or everything at 100%?
unlocking level 5 just requires playing through levels 1-4

sequentially i think, but definantly in the same session
To get 100% analysis, you just need to shoot all the cameras during the levels, you know the ones that lead you to the next layer that you have to shoot a bunch of times.
To make the game a bit easier you can use the mouse, just pull out the dc pad from port 1 and plug in the mouse (if you have one) after selecting the level. But a pad with a memcard has to be present on port 2,3 or 4 because you cannot save to the pad in slot 1 if you switch to the mouse. Maybe you have to adjust the mouse direction (normal/reverse) and the button assignment for your needs.
use a ps2 to dc adaptor and use an optical mouse

i found the tracking on the dc mouse to be painfully slow