ripping a game with 2 data tracks?

bin/cue will be better because you will have only one bin file wich makes it easier to burn but if you will rip it into iso you will get two iso files that are harder to burn, so i say rip in bin ,what game is it that you want to rip?
Definately go for bin/cue. There is a lot less hassle involved.

soul, how did you go burning your iso/iso/wav go? Did you try reburning it with the cuesheet I posted?
mal :

i burned with the cue that you posted but there was the same problem
so i just decided to delete the game completely from my hd
Did it tell you that the 3 second pregap was wrong? ???

I guess I'll have to try it for myself.

Just out of interest, which game was it?
no it didn't tell me any errors but when i burned it it had the same problem it had when i burned it the first time, oh and the game was snacher (posebly one of the best games ever made)
the only reason to keep it in bin/cue is because 2 track games are realy sensitive about their pregap in those tracks, so its possible to do it iso/mp3, but only with a cuesheet, and even then peoples burners can bitch and moan about having 2 data tracks