rockman 8 iso help plz

ok. d/l, rockman 8, used Winrar to zip, I d/l also EZ CD Pro 95, when unzipped, have Rockman8.bin and Rockman8.cue. Now I turned Rockman 8.bin into an iso file by using RAW2ISO and viewed the .cue sheet under Notepad. The question is, what now? The program wont let me burn yet! All the info faqs says combine the Mp3/Wav files; where are these? Were they included with the rip(from Ralos ftp, saturnlaptop) ? I am a newbie and proud I got this far, but I just need a kick in the butt to finally burn this game.

Thanks (again)

BTW, plz dont say use CDRWIN, I cant get it to burn a CD from CD without errors yet alone burn isos.
You could use CDMage to extract all the tracks from the bin and burn the iso and wavs in EZ CD Pro 95.

BTW, what problems do you have with CDRWin?
I get the feeling that it's because the bin isn't just the data track, but probably also audio as well.

What does the cue look like?

Have you tried just burning from the bin/cue in CDRWin?
heres the cue:


TRACK 01 MODE1/2048

INDEX 01 00:00:00


PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 27:57:58 for iso


INDEX 00 29:48:32

INDEX 01 29:50:32


TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00


PREGAP 00:02:00 for bin

INDEX 01 27:57:58


INDEX 00 29:48:32

INDEX 01 29:50:32

how/which do i do it with ezcd pro 95. it wont let me use mixed-cd cause it has no music files included in the .rar. and with cdrwin, it says that there's been a read/write/ media error, but i use memorex, with i use to copy full saturn games. how do i get these files? cdmage isnt working, plz help, i already wasted 3 cds.

OK here's how to use CDMage.

-Open CDMage

-Go 'file', 'open'. Change the file type to CDRWin cuesheet (*.cue)

-Select Rockman8.cue and open it.

-In the top right window should be the list of tracks.

-Select them all

-Right click on them and select 'Extract Tracks...' You will then be given the extraction options.

-Mode 1 track should be set to Mode1/2048. Audio should be set to Wave file.

-Click extract

Now you should have all the tracks ready for use in EZ CD Pro 95. Hopefully... ;)

[edit] Remember to use "Mixed mode CD from image" EZ CD Pro 95.

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thanks mal, but one last question. ok, I used CDMage and got 3 files-just like in the cue file:

Rockman8_track 1-iso file

Rockman8_track 2-wav

rockman8_track 3-wav.

I used EZ CD PRO and selected Mixed-Mode CD from image and loading the 2 wav files but heres the concern. I have 2 different iso files: I have the TRACK 1 ISO I got using CDMage on the CUE and I got Rockman 8.iso which came from a .bin convertion using RAW2ISO.(Like the FAQ in Miscellaneous said) The question is which do I use?

Thanks again, sorry to bother ya.
ok, new troubles. Before hand, I should mention that I own a Model 2 Saturn(w/circle buttons) , use the swap trick and didnt use SATCONV(hey, my other Japanese-non-ISO games boot without converting!) . Plus, I use Memorex 80min CDs for games.

like Mal said, I took the CDMAGE files and put them into EZ CD Pro 95 and burnt them into a disc using MixedMode CD from image mode. In my CPU, it recognizes the game as Rock Man 8. But as the Swap Trick starts something weird happens.

Okay, I usually use Wing Arms as a bootdisc. I put the Rockman 8 disc into it, well it load into the CD Player and when it stops, put in Wing Arms, then resets. This is the strange thing, now usually when using backups, the original game(WA) spins, slows, then quickens, which is when you swap with the backup. But, now after resetting from CD player, the game doesnt slow down! It keeps going until the Wing Arms game loads back into the CD player where the message pops up.

"Disc not suitable for this system."

What did I do wrong? Am I using the wrong type of discs? Was I suppose to use SATCONV? Whats up? Can u help?

thanx in advance
I'm afraid that you've just reached uncharted territory for me. :(

I have a modboard and an AR4M+ cart, so swapping isn't something I do...