Samurai Showdown

I really wanted to like this game. I bought the cart and a very expensive CD version from ebay.

The flicker of the shadows under each fighter reminds me of the horrible flicker problems from the 8-bit era. Why would they do this? They could have gotten away with no shadows at all and no one would notice, but with the flicker, they dominate the screen.

The CD version could have been much better, but they added a stupid loading screen. At the time they probably wanted to show off that it was a new CD version which would have seemed avante gard. Now, it just is a nusiance. In fact, I HATE all loading screens. I think they would be much better off faking it with a picture while loading.

BOth verisons of this game could have been good, but there's always a flaw...
Hot damn! you're a whiney one. This game rocks, a few graphical glitches and loading times on the SCD version are common things when playing these old games. I love the graphics on Samurai Showdown BTW.
Yeah, I am whining... BUT

TO compare: Check out Fatal Fury 2 for the genesis. THis is how to make an SNK conversion! And it won't give you seizures from all the flicker of Samurai. Stop sticking up for a lame interpretation. Fatal Fury 2 shows us that it can be done a whole lot better.
I wasn't saying it was the best, just that it was fun to play on the gene