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It seems that Satourne has benefitted from a fairly major rewrite and can now run Daytona USA at 40 -50 FPS and Panzer Dragoon at 60+ FPS. That's still on a fairly powerful PC with no sound, but it shows great promise.
I noticed that - seems you can only run the bios at this stage though. Fingers crossed for some good perfomance real soon though

Edit: I just tested out the dynarec release and it runs at between 9 and 25 fps on my 900Mhz Celeron. Not bad since it used to run at a solid 5 on the last release
If you look at the link I gave, there's been a bit on 'unreleased' progress since...
Ah yes, I see now. A translation of the content of that page:

Yes yes, you saw well... it played Daytona the USA to 40-50 images per seconds! And still, it still thinks of gaining in images by rewriting all the graphic routines. Just for information... a television set projects in general of the 25 images second. In addition to Daytona the USA, Fabien succeeded in playing Panzer Dragoon with 1600*1200 with bilinear filtering, the whole with more than 60 images a second... And at the rate/rhythm where the development goes, a limiting device of FPS will be installed!

Just wait for another big fps drop when they start to deal with sound emulation, cd drive support & stuff
From what I understand cd filesystem emulation, etc. is already done. But yeah, sound will definitely cause a speed hit. Emulating an extra 2 chips that are 22mhz(SCSP) and 11mhz(68k) respectively won't be a minor thing. Though then again, emulating the SCSP even somewhat well may take quite a while, so you might as well enjoy the speed for now.

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If I'm not mistaken, the Saturn actually incorporates a General MIDI-compatible synthesizer, much like today's PC soundcards. Something like that could be easily done via hardware (Microsoft DirectMusic?)... and sample playback is pretty much a no-brainer anyway. I expect the DSP effects to be the one thing that'll slow the emu down once it's got sound...that and the added overhead of keeping 11 emulated processors running in sync. Still, I'm confident that we'll see a complete, full-speed emu within a year, or two at the most :)
The SCSP is MIDI-compatible in that it understands MIDI messages (possibly through the aid of a software driver, I'm not 100% certain on that). The actual sounds are either PCM digital audio or a sort of FM synthesis and has nothing to do with General MIDI. The synthesis method is extremely flexible and won't be totally easy to emulate.
Taelon, it's a little more complicated than that. You "can't" just HLE everything. The 68k has it's own code it's expected to run by a game which in turn controls how the SCSP functions. I would also like to point out that not all sound cards support similiar dsp functions, let alone in the right manner. So emulation is still needed.

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Originally posted by IceMan2k@Oct. 01 2002, 7:45 pm

racketboy, it only works with windows 2.0


Seriously, if you read the lisez-moi.txt (i.e., readme.txt) file from the WiP builds found on the downloads page of Satourne's site, you'll come across this:

Satourne est un émulateur Sega Saturn et Sega Titan Video, développé par Fabien Autrel. Satourne est gratuit. Si vous avez payé pour cette version... vous vous êtes fait avoir. Il fonctionne sur un PC équipé de Win9x, WinNT, Win2000 ou WinXP.

which Babel Fish translates to this:

Satourne is an emulator Sega Saturn and Sega Titan Video, developed by Fabien Autrel. Satourne is free. If you paid for this version... you be made have. It functions on a PC equipped with Win9x, WinNT, Win2000 or WinXP.
An update of sorts, supposedly written by the author's own hand...

As you've seen on Ben-j's site (Consollection), some games are playable with the SH2 dynarec core that I wrote these last weeks. However, there are still bugs that makes it less compatible than the interpreter core. These bugs are currently being squashed and I want to rewrite all the graphic engine before to make a new version available. After this version is available, the SCSP will be worked on, well....

I'll include some docs with this new version that explains the different parts of the interfac so that everyone can configure the emu to get the maximum speed possible.

See you very soon."

Sound good
gee -- thanks there boys

Sorry my attention span with French or whatever it was is pretty short.

Anyway, I saw some other emu site and it mentioned only win9x -- so I wasn't sure

thanks for the sarcasm and help
The newer version of Satourne has been released, but it sounds like you need to do quite a bit of tweaking to get higher FPS.

racketboy - Who knows? It would depend on how any further optimizations go as well as how demanding sound emulation becomes, if it is implemented any time soon.