Saturn 3D controller

The Saturn 3D controller can detach the cord on the controller side, which makes me believe that Sega had a good reason to do that... was there ever any add-ons for the pad, such as a rumble pack? The contoller has a couple of recesses on the bottom and the back, which look like mounting holes - but for what? :)
I think the detachable cord was made for a cordless addon, but I'm not sure. Some people seem to think it was for an addon that would go with a game that would use tilting the controller to control something, but I don't think that's true. Nothing was released, though.
Actualy, most people seam to think it was for a rumble pack of some kind, but the cordless piece seams muck more feasable seeing as how the cord was part of the deatachable peice.
good point man, i just thought i would revive this pot because i consider it one of the biggest mysteries as i'm sure most do........ now i will let it ...die..... die......... die
I speculated at the time that this was done to allow it to connect to Sega's next console. You would simply buya new cable with the appropriate connector on the end to plug into the new machine.

However, clearly that was not the case :(
my theory is so lo-tech its outrageous

mebbe it was done so that when some dope comes by while your playing and trips over the cord, it harmlessly pops out of the controller, rather than sending your saturn crashing to the floor..

the xbox has a similar break-away cable for the same reason
It wouldn't be that. It doesn't come out of the controller unless you push forward (or was it back?) a little thing on it.
i think i finally figured out the reason for it. it is there so that people can discuss why it was there. they did it so that years from than, they could sit back and laugh their asses off while people would try to figure it out on message boards around the world.
Actually Eleven of 9 your speculation was sort of true. I was at a chinese mall here in Toronto and I bought a knockoff Dreamcast controller that looked exactly like the Saturn 3D pad. There was a foil sticker where the Saturn logo should've been so I took it off, and there was a Saturn logo. All they changed was the removable cord to a DC compatible one. Gotta love knockoffs.
does it work?


i would do ANYTHING to get my hands on that knockoff (if it works, of course!)... as long as it doesnt involve goats or duct tape ;)
no. the saturn and dc use entirely different encoders for the joypads.

if you open up the pad, I bet you'll find a shoddy solder job with a newly added chip. I got a "DC" joystick like that too (just that they didn't even bother to cover the saturn logo on it) which had an extra chip added, and the old one removed. seems quite a few cheapo HK companies did that to save money and get rid of the old stock.
Maybe someone should work in creating an adapter and write a guide of how to build it instead of selling it at national console support.
I'm new to this board. I just happen to stumble across this thread. I know its very old. But I rember reading sometime long ago(like 4 years ago) on a Nights fan site. I read an interview from Yuji Naka, the intent of taking that cord out was so you can plug in this add in he was planning on using with a sequel to Nights. Of course Mr. Naka kept changing his mind about making a sequel. But the point is, he stated that he wanted to make an add on that you would put into the controller, and you would move the controller to control Nights in the game to manuver him and such. I think it was an interview. But I remember the name Air Nights being the name. I don't know if this has been answered, about the 3-D Controller, but i just wanted to say what i knew about it. Sorry if bringing back an old thread is against rules. I haven't seen any rules about it. Thanks.
Reviving an otherwise dead thread like this is perfectly OK. :)

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