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Originally posted by FuNOnE@Fri, 2005-03-18 @ 06:15 AM

I'm new to this board. I just happen to stumble across this thread. I know its very old. But I rember reading sometime long ago(like 4 years ago) on a Nights fan site. I read an interview from Yuji Naka, the intent of taking that cord out was so you can plug in this add in he was planning on using with a sequel to Nights. Of course Mr. Naka kept changing his mind about making a sequel. But the point is, he stated that he wanted to make an add on that you would put into the controller, and you would move the controller to control Nights in the game to manuver him and such. I think it was an interview. But I remember the name Air Nights being the name. I don't know if this has been answered, about the 3-D Controller, but i just wanted to say what i knew about it. Sorry if bringing back an old thread is against rules. I haven't seen any rules about it. Thanks.

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