Saturn CD Drive Problem

Hey, how is everyone?

I need some specific details on where to tape down the CD Drive at. I have read all of the guides here and on various other sites but the Saturn keeps saying drive door opened...

I have a model 1 Saturn (oval shaped buttons, right?) and have taped multiple different little aspects, using trial and error, but to know avail.

I currently think that I must tape the little white plastic thing on the top on the inside of the Saturn lid. If this is correct, how can I do this without the tape falling off or damaging my Saturn?

Any responses are appreciated.
is there any wires going to the lid?@

if so then you need to trace those wires and fix the switch down in whatever manner you want to (usually a piece of tape will be sufficient, but a cable tie might be better

if there isnt any wires on the lid, then look next to the power supply, around the back end of the cd drive, you should see a plastic post, basically tape that tightly together and you should be sorted
Thanks for the reply.

I checked out what you said to do but are you talking about the metallic object? Is this the thing that is needed to be taped to the post. If not, can you specify what this "switch" looks like.

Any responses are appreciated.
Hello Vandal10. You do not tape the white thing on the top of the saturn. Open your Saturn up, and look to the left of the cd drive (assuming your saturns front side is pointed your way, and are looking from above), and you should see a black piece of plastic with a metal plate like thing in it, that is what you tape. Just push it to make sure it is the right thing. It is not in a circuit board or anything, and is coming out of the bottom piece of metal that the saturn sits on. Here is a picture.


This picture was in another guide on this site (therefore i am giving credit to the maker of the guide for this picture)

If you still are having trouble, i will take my own picture, and post it.

Hope you get it going
Thank you for your reply Protosstic.

Unfortunately, the image you posted does not seem to be the same Saturn model that I have.
I believe I have a model 1 (oval shaped buttons) and because of that, I could not locate the object that you described. Around my entire CD Drive is a metallic covering protecting what I believe are the motherboard and other circuit boards of the Saturn, therefore, the object you described is not there.

If you or anyone else can provide some more help or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for all future responses.
Vandal, Do you happen to have a Camera. It would help me so much if you would be able to take a picture of your saturn without the case on, and i can show you exactly where it is.

In the mean time, i may take my saturn case off and snap a picture, but i just dont' want it to go all screwy again.
I'll try to get a picture using a digital camera but I don't know if I can get one. If I can, I'll post a picture of the outside, and inside of my Saturn.

If you have any more advice, or if anyone else does, I'll be grateful.

Thanks for any responses.
Now you are sure you have a saturn correct? This is not mend to offend, or anything, just maybe you have a sega cd instead. Probably not, but it's worth asking, just incase that is it...
Yes, I have a saturn but I think I found out my problem.

I have a rare model 3 Saturn, I was reading about this somewhere off of Google. The difference is, that I have one large protective metallic covering around the entire CD Drive, therefore, I can't find the switch.

I need some advice on what I can do, or what I should tape.

Am I supposed to tape something on the base of the saturn (CD Drive) or the lid of the saturn (CD Lid)?
Am I supposed to tape something on the base of the saturn (CD Drive) or the lid of the saturn (CD Lid)?

That depends on your Saturn model. If there is a pair of wires running to the top of the case near the lid, then the switch will be there. Otherwise, the switch will be on a post sticking out of the CD reader board similar to what Protosstic's picture shows. In no case will it be totally obstructed by a metal plate, because the lid needs to be able to press it.
hmm strange. Anyways the best thing for you to do is think about it logically. Open up the saturn, and put the top part of the case back on, just like you took it off to open the saturn up. Just put it ontop, and do not screw in the screws. Now click the drive open button thing, so that it opens up, and it would allow you to switch cds. In the top left corner, there should be a some type of geary thing. Now take off the top piece of the case, and try to remember where that geary thing was, and look in that area...

If you can get a picture, we should be able to find this out no problem.
Thanks for the replies. I'll go try that after this post.

I found this picture from a Internet source from Google. This is just the outside, so can one of you guys definately tell me what model it is?


Thanks in advance.
There are multiple Saturn designs using that case. I have seen both lid-mounted and board-mounted switches in "Model 1" systems.
Thanks for the response.

I will take a picture of the inside of my Saturn and post it tomorrow but do I have to post an image from a website or can I just scan a photo and input it into the forum?

If so, how?

Any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks for the offer, I just quickly slapped together this website from yahoo.

Go to this URL and you will find two separate photos of my Saturn with a little sub-topic heading.

Finally, I may finally get to play my Saturn once more, that is, if someone can figure it out for me.

By the way, there is an error you may receive saying that this website has exceeded its data transfer limit, if this continues, please tell me so I can fix it.

Thanks in advance.
I forgot to mention that if the site doesn't work right away, take a few attempts at accessing the site at different times of the day, every hour or half an hour.

Fortunately, I don't think this should happen but just in case it doesn't work on the first time, try again later.

Thanks in advance.
I've never seen one like that before, I'd reccomend taking the two wires that go to the lid (the two grey ones) and twist tie them together and see if that gives the desired result.

I'd reccomend you just go to a local game shop and convince them to let you trade for a model 2 system (it might take a few $ but im sure you can do it) and get a mod chip. Swapping just isn't a good method.
Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I cannot trade my Saturn in to any game store in the city because they simply don't have any Saturns at all.

Which two wires are you talking about? The two grey wires are already tied together.

Thanks in advance.