Saturn CD Drive Problem

kx4, swapping is a fine method, especially if you have a model 1. Works fine, and if you are smart and do it carefully and gently, it'll last.

Vandal, i have examined the pictures you sent me... It is quite strange, but there must be some way to get this going. Now what you need to do is this: Turn the Saturn on while it is opened up, the way you had it in the pictures. Make sure you put a CD on the cd drive, but make sure the saturn is open just like it is in those pictures. Then what i want you to do is see if it starts.. See if it reads the cd, and does not say that the drive is open. If it says it's open, then it MUST be a manual switch, (like the ones in the model 1 and 2). If it does not say it is open, pick up the top part of the saturn case, and click the button to cause the cd drive thing to pop up. See if it starts up like that, if not, we know it is those wires that go up to the top of the saturn.

Let me know what happens, so we can pursue this
I have already tried doing that, and the Saturn says that the drive is open. The thing about the CD Drive is, when I close the CD Drive, not all the way, but just close enough where there is about a inch in-between the lid, the CD Drive begins to check the CD Drive for a CD.

Therefore, I am almost positive it is a manual switch of some sort because the CD Drive will only check if there is a CD in the drive if the lid is really close to being closed. I've spent a while trying to figure what makes it work, but unfortunately, to no avail.

Any help is appreciated.
o_O... dude i have never seen ANYTHING like that at all. Is it like japanese or hong-kong bootleg saturn? Damn.. i thought I had a weired model one what w ith it have 21 pins instead of the normal 20 but yours... the lid and base are connect for god's sake i mean it's just so much more complex! Well anyway best I can say is that there might be a lock. SOme saturns had locks so that IF you did push the button down it knew it if it was like too far in or not enough ways in. But you don't have a little metallic switch to tape in so... ???

Maybe... did you try like just CUTTING the wires going from the lid to the motherboard or disconnecting them?
I bought my Saturn like everyone else at Toy'r'Us back in 1995. I don't think it is bootlegged.

I don't know if I want to cut any wires at all. It may mess my Saturn up for good. Those wires are connected strongly to the lid, so I can't disconnect them.

I need some advice, help or anything.

Thanks in advance.
Finally, I have figured this little scenario out. If you would like to understand what I did continue to read.

I traced the two grey wires leading from the CD Drive to the CD Lid and look what I found...a screw. I unscrewed this little attachment and found a mini-push-me switch. I just took some tape and tape it up. I am currently playing a Guardian Heroes CD-R. This little switch is facing the bottom of the lid and is hidden behind one of the mechanisms that help lift the CD Lid, that was why I could not see it until I unscrewed the compartment. This compartment is located on the bottom right hand corner of the CD Lid in my pictures that I posted earlier.

I would like to thank everyone who posted and helped me to solve this problem. The advice was excellent and eventually led to the solution to this problem.

Special thanks goes out to Protosstic for his determination in assisting me.
Hey man no problem, knew it would be figured out sooner or later. Some things just take time. Anyways I very much appreciate the credit, but all the other people who replied to this post helped, so they are thanked aswell.

Have fun man
fyi, if thats the case youve got one of the very first production ones, since i know they did have switches like that at first

ive never actually seen one though, just heard from some other people about them

i didnt respond after the first post since id gone to bed, else i probabbly could have helped you sooner
Although this issue has been resolved, I would just like to mention how helpful this is. I just aquired a sega saturn like yours Vandal10, and now i know how to do the cd-drive thing. Thanks all