saturn emu to run dracula x

yes, i've a psx, a psx emu and a original copy of DracX;

but some one tell me about new features in the Saturn version...

...a real saturn.?.. uhmmm... now i'm thinking about it

I think its the same thing only the PSX version is in English.

I've played it and it's a great game.

A Saturn is only about $30-$40, but you'd need a country card to let you play a JP game. Those run about $20.

Just curious, Why did you buy an original copy of Dracula X if you don't have a Saturn?
The Saturn version lets you play as Maria, and lets you choose character right from the start. There is also a couple of new sections in the castle and some other minor differences. The big downsides of the Saturn version are the slowdown and the annoying delays when accessing the inventory/status screen. There are some FAQs that list all differences in all versions in painstaking detail.