Saturn swap trick (Model #1)

if u burned a game, make sure the u switched to the proper region. it could also be a bad burn or rip. try with another game. OR u r swapping at the wrong time.

wait for the saturn logo to come up, and the lens will move making a ZZZ sound, swap 1. then after the light blinks 3 times and it goes ZZZ again, swap again. it works for me.
first you have to "disarm" the door lock

so you can do the swap and play with the cd-door open
make sure that u taped the switch. and if u burned the game wrong, it may not switch properly. u could just start off with a us game, and wait right b4 the sega logo when the red light blinks 3 times and swap there. it only works for some games though, and is the improper switch, but try it anyways.
yeah if it's a bad burn it could seem like you re swapping in correctly but it's overall pretty simple stuff.
'Game disc not suitable...' means wrong country code.

'disc not suitable...' means bad rip/burn/not a Saturn disc.