Scored a Copy of Pirates!  Gold

And that's 5 dollars Canadian (works out to like 3 USD). Sure, it's just thet cart, and even if I don't like the game, I can turn around and sell it on evilBay for 30.

I hate to brag, but I hardly ever find great deals anymore. My last big score was last year when I got a mint Model 1 Sega Genesis/Cd combo for 40 dollars.
Thats a good deal alright. I got the game brand new with everything still intact, so I can get a pretty penny if I was to sell it (over ebay of course)

that is a good deal, i wish i could have found Shining Force 1 or 2 for that kinda money, but in my city genesis games disappeared almost overnight when the playstation came out :(

now if only i hadnt lost my Pirates! Gold instruction manual, then my Pirates! Gold game would be worth alot
Wow, what a deal. I have never really gotten any deals, guess I'm just not lucky :( But I did have Pirates Gold for my old computer and I was addicted. Too bad I don't know where it could possibly be.