SDF Macross Movie in ENGLISH on LD!

Yup, I finally got a English version of the Macross Movie on LD! Ive been looking for this for a LONG TIME!! Just wanted to tell everyone, yippie!! Nothing more....

The LD I Bought
naaa not for an LD, I have paid tons more in the past for others....I feel good for getting it that damn cheap.
I cant tell you how long Ive looked for that movie at Japanese Anime' Conventions every damn year and never found one English Dubbed. I paid $120 bucks for the Full Japanese version on LD just because everyone told me that the English Dubbed version did not exist on LD at all, only VHS, the VHS tape was selling for $50 bucks.
$175 bucks is just a drop in the bucket that Ive spent on LDs.
I wish I did also, the guy who put that auction up now has my money.
everytime I get money I spend it quickly....