Sega Ages and... Genesis roms

Anyone here knows if i can chenge the roms of sega ages 2 (Castle Of Illusion and Quakshot) with any other?

I've tried to burn this game with other roms (Ghouls'n.Ghosts, e-swat etc.) but with same name of the origionals >>MICKEY.BIN<< but the game freezes after the rom SEGA LOGO (it goes to black)

Now i think it would be wonderful to play great Genesis games on Saturn. So if anyone knows how to do please be fast.

Sorry for poor english
those "emulators" take parts of the actual rom, and part of it is rewritten stuff.. i.e. the audio is in seperate files. you can't just swap out the roms.
That's what I figured. Unfortunately... why can't something just be cool every now and then? It would be great if this little hack worked.