SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

Hello Saturn fans,
My name is Gabriel Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo) .

I'm here to submit my homebrew entry for the contest: The Lighthouse of Sao Bento do Oeste

The Lighthouse of São Bento do Oeste



A adventure developed for the Sega Saturn about Renne, a detective who travels to a small town to investigate a mystery. Detective Renne Bras travels to the small town of São Bento do Oeste to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a couple at the city’s lighthouse.






The PAL and NTSC print-ready cover/manual were made by Radchek , and can be downloaded through the links
Saturn, NTSC Cover/Manual

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This game uses photos made available by the city of Sao Bento do Sapucai - Minas Gerais and Fire Island, New York - USA. With assets created by @_m0U0m_. This game was made using Jo Engine and Neptune Engine.


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Hi, this is my homebrew entry, I wanted to submit something 3D but still struggling a bit with it so here's a 2d platformer!
The aim of the game is to collect gems to unlock levels (only 2 in this demo), after defeating the bosses, you gain the ability to transform into a new creature for a short time (spider or bat so far) by collecting powerups, this enables you to climb walls / get through small gaps / fly to reach new areas in the levels. This is my first attempt to learn C so the code is a bit of a mess! basically needs re-writing but i haven't had the time.
The sound fx and bosses are just place holders at the moment and i'll re-do these when i get a chance.






*****I've re-attached the demo to fix some issues with the audio tracks*****


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Shoot down your opponent or knock them out of the sky in this insect-themed 1v1 fighter!

edit: updated and re-uploaded the game to fix some booting problems!



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Entry for original games competition:
Not my main entry (am still working on that), but i was experimenting a bit with cloth simulation on saturn for the past two weekends.

Project page on my website (git and download): Reye.Me

This simple demo simulates cloth of 360 quads and a single static 3D cube


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Hello again
Here's Gabriel Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo) .

And here's my new homebrew entry for the contest: Red Moon: Lost Days

Red Moon: Lost Days DEMO


Red Moon: Lost Days


Red Moon: Lost Days is a visual novel developed for the Sega Saturn about Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot who after lost contact with a Army General friend, sets out on a journey to Egypt to investigate his disappearance.

Nineteen years have passed, but the shadow of the Great War is still upon the world.On February 28, 2019, the 3th world war began; the war was between China and the United States of America. A series of sanctions imposed by USA ignited this war. Eventually, including a total ban on trade between China-backed countries. A feature of the Great War was the use of war robots, pilot operated biped machines, the Metal Knights. When China won the war, the world changed. For good.

Since the war, Great China establish a system to remain militarily stately. The Great Generals system. Each of the Great Generals handles one of the five major military base of Great China. Zhaoky base with Houke and Rinshu, Weisho base with Ren and Goke, Yannro base with Gakuk and Gekishin, Quinou base with Koshou and Lu, and Chukou base with you.

You are Kyou Tan Wa of Chukou, Great General, leader of the Kyou Army and daughter of Shin Tan Wa and Rei. You carry on your back the weight of being the sword and the shield of Chukou. Before being a Great General, you were just a girl in the middle of nowhere. You grew up on the border of the United Europe with Great China, once known as the Middle-East. The battles between the United States and China happened there nineteen years ago.







-Amazing character, backgrounds and CG art from @amkitani
-Original soundtrack from Guilherme Crispim
-Nonlinear narrative with multiple paths

The full game page can be found at Red Moon: Lost Days by Neuromage Studio. There you can find more information about the game, in addition to the trailer and information about each of the characters.


The demo is a sample of the full game and because of the narrative selected chapters the story was incomplete. The demo contains the first ten chapters of the game, a selection of scenes that gives a context the whole story. However, it is important to highlight that the narrative is incomplete, the full story of the game is not represented by the first ten chapters.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Note: I fixed a bug where the pieces spawn one block too far over to the right. If you downloaded the game before Dec. 23, please redownload it.

The Garfield Master
is an action puzzle game featuring everyone's favorite cat.
Can you survive an onslaught of 1,000 pieces?
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 8.59.27 PM.png

Up: Hard drop
Down/A: Soft drop
B: Rotate counterclockwise
C: Rotate clockwise

Graphics/sound: TGM and Garfield and Friends
Programming: me


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Hi, on behalf of the entire Bulk Slash English Localization Team, I'm submitting our Bulk Slash patch in the Hacks, Patches, and Translations category. For legal reasons, I can't post prepatched bin and cue files, but you can find the SSP patch file at our Resource page here: Bulk Slash (English)

Check the readme file that comes with the patch for details on the patching process. (It uses Knight0fDragon's patcher and it's very easy.)


In the event that the judges place us in the top three entrants in our category, our team must pre-emptively decline any cash prize. While it's extremely generous that these prizes are offered, we've diligently avoided any money changing hands during the creation of this patch and we'd like to maintain that. The reasons are twofold — one, to avoid legal challenges. And two, because 30 people contributed to this patch with varying degrees of time, effort and visibility — getting all of those people to agree on how best to divide the prize money might cause a lot of emotional strife.

We'd also have to decline the 3D printed prize for similar reasons.

All that said, thank you to EmeraldNova for running this competition and to all the judges for devoting their time and energy to it. But the biggest thank you goes to everyone else who contributes patches, utilities and original games to this competition — through your talent and passion, each one of you is helping people enjoy their Saturns all these years after its release, and that's a very special thing worth celebrating.
um, hello

long time "member" but first time in ages posting i think.

Was most recently a part of the Sega Saturn Shiro team, pulling back in late 2019 due to some personal reasons, but kept up with the guys over the last 2 years.

SaturnDave put out a call to see if a "De-Translation" could happen with DeathMask, a japanese FMV cyberpunk themed saturn and PS1 game that was originally released in the west under the title "Angel Devoid." After i put out a proof of concept build in early june (thanks to KnightOfDragon for the assists), i was joined by Shadowmask.

It isn't quite finished, but we're submitting what we have now anyway. It may get updated between now and the contest deadline, but who knows. We were looking to try to get a sound-alike voice actor to do the 7 known missing items, but the original actor hasn't handed in the lines yet and we're starting to look elsewhere for help on that end. If another build happens before the contest deadline, we'll probably do the lines ourselves to get us that much closer to the finish line.


new build with the 7 missing items now having voice over.


Knight corrected an issue with the Disc 2 patch, and then i updated the meta and readme files for all 3 patches, but didn't try disc 1 or disc 3's patches. as a result, i uploaded all 3 of them in a new archive but kept the original here as well. sorry for the confusion and issues, i'm sick as a dog and going back to bed.



  • DeathMask (T-Eng 2021-12-31 Disc 1 Release Candidate v0.2j).7z
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My submission for Utilities category:

Simple model converter i have been using for TankGame, and currently for a game Sky Blaster,
Converter shows loaded model in its window with XY grid, allows to rotate quads or set whether they have to be double sided or meshed.

Converter also supports plugins if you want to add your own import or export format to it.
Whole tool was written in C# with WPF for windows.

Source code here: GitHub

TMF (tank model file): Format I have been using for TankGame. it can support up to 256 meshes in single file where each one can be 256 verts, 256 quads and 256 materials. Materials can be solid color or reference to texture file (textures are not packed in)

Edit: Attached usage sample "demo -" for jo-engine


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FirePro S Translation Project - Google Drive

Entering Fire Pro Six Men Scramble again, if that's allowed. it's significantly further along than last year.
Also entering Fire Pro Gaiden Blazing Tornado. Other than the endings and some of the text on the tutorial video menu, its 100% (so we'll call it 95% done)

Heres the blazing tornado thread
FirePro S Translation Project - Google Drive

Entering Fire Pro Six Men Scramble again, if that's allowed. it's significantly further along than last year.
Also entering Fire Pro Gaiden Blazing Tornado. Other than the endings and some of the text on the tutorial video menu, its 100% (so we'll call it 95% done)

Heres the blazing tornado thread
That is allowed. You will presumably be judged on the delta.
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Preview v0.12

Here's a summary:
- Disc 1 only
- Straight WD PSX script inserted (for now)
- VWF inserted (Game Arts got rid of the one from Lunar 1)
- Items/Spells/UI text mostly there; theres some text glitches, still need to fix some print routines to not expect a fixed width font.
- Save/load slots untranslated -- they hid that stuff in a completely separate file and stream it from CD just to drive me nuts
- Lots of battle stuff and some status text untranslated due to them being stored as images that i havent gotten around to fixing.
- Subtitle format not yet decoded, still jp audio

Will it eventually crash? Who knows. I used a similar text encoding to WD, which expands the script quite a bit, maybe it does bad things, maybe not. I havent bothered to calculate how large the script is allowed to get yet.

Anyway, no need to submit bug reports, I've got a long list of things left to do, enjoy the bg music.



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NOTE: entry was updated on 31.12.2021 15:15 GMT, please redownload. Reason for updating: message is shown if launched in incompalible version of Yabause emulator, some sprite and text rendering crashes are fixed.

Unfortunately, i was unable to make my entry playable in time, so i'm nominating the current state. Please be aware that some features are still missing (like sound), and others are broken (like script jumps and sprite cache). To make the assesement easier, i added the optional scene selection menu at the start.

WARNING: game includes NSFW stuff.

The entry is a port of the "Everlasting Summer" visual novel to the Sega Saturn. The original game is distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, so I am keeping this license for the entry. To make the port happen, i had to implement the custom engine based on Yaul library, distributed currently under MIT license and available at GitHub - hitomi2500/libsvin: Sega Saturn visual novel library. This repository commits list should help estimating the annual work.

I'm not sure which cathegory this entry should go to. It's an original game engine, so it might fit into original games. But strictly speaking, it's not an original game, but rather a port, so it could probably be sorted into hacks&mods. I'm leaving the decision of including this work into any nomination (or excluding it) to the contest authorities.


I thank everyone in the SX community and discord (my name there is hitomi2500), you've been very helpful, friendly, and professional (and sometimes unprofessional in a good sense). See you next year. Special thanks go to @EmeraldNova for bringing the contest into existence, and to @mrkotfw for writing Yaul, the opensource system library for Sega Saturn.


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NOTE: entry was updated on 31.12.2021 12:00 GMT, please redownload. Reason for updating: message is shown if launched in incompalible version of Yabause emulator.

You know what's wrong with this contest? Not enough ponies! I couldn't let that be, especially with the hard work of our in-house pony expert, more than 250 art pieces carefully fished out from the waves of derpibooru, vetted and placed into offtopic channel during the last 6 months. Now you can enjoy them in a classical game of 15 on your Saturn!


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Before I forget I'm submitting the latest versions of the Grandia and Mickey and Donald Collection translation patches for the Hacks Patches and Translation categories. While I don't have a specific version for the competition, the latest versions do have significant changes from the previous times they were entered in the contest. This however will most likely be the last time these will be entered in this competition.

Grandia 0.9.6:
  • FMVs now have Subtitles (this happened shortly after last year's competition
  • Various bug fixes and typo corrections.

Sega Ages: I Love Mickey Mouse/I Love Donald Duck 0.9.1:
  • Title screen is now translated with US Box Art.
  • Game Select screen is now translated with US Box Art
Submitting for "Utility" category.

This is a development tool in the form of source code.

ponésound - an open-source sound driver for Saturn with Jo Engine usage demos
it comprises of:
a driver binary that is uploaded from CD to the MC68EC000 in the Saturn's sound subsystem
The 68K's driver binary performs automatic channel management and real-time ADX decompression
It also aids in the timing of PCM and ADX streams
a linked library, built to be compatible with Jo Engine / SBL
The linked library includes support for ADX+PCM streaming simultaneously, and abstracted loading of the driver binary and abstracted playback of sound effects. In this way the driver binary acts as a black box. It doesn't need to be understood, only the simple functions of the linked library do.

Reportedly, someone did manage to get the driver working in Yaul a well. That would be misscelan.

This driver is a significant improvement over SEGA's official driver, so long as you don't require tone banks / sequencing support. It supports more channels for general sound effects and real-time ADX playback in a way that does not compromise the performance of SH-2 at all.

Of course, it is not the best it could be; Decompression capabilities compliant with Microsoft IMA (.wav) would be more suited to the 68K's capabilities, but I gave up in frustration after failing to get IMA to work properly whilst having already gotten ADX to work. It's also not enough of improvement to, say, get stereo instead of mono.

Also, this driver doesn't use the SCSP-DSP at all. That's a bit beyond my scope, and beyond my needs.
New demo :

I haven't really worked on this for months as I was too busy with life and I honestly thought I wouldn't work on this, but I took the last few evenings to improve things a bit in order to release a new demo.
The demo is all about deathmatch with up to 4 players in splitscreen and up to 7 bots (you can mix things up) on 8 maps.
I added the environment mapping on some weapons and "completed" some old maps I had on my computer (thanks to Josh 7774 for 2 of them).
I haven't really playtested it, so bugs are likely, just let me know.

Edit : I updated the game with realtime environment mapping reflections using the framebuffer, please use that latest version ;)


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