Sega Saturn Postcards


I have been diggin through my collection of saturn stuff looking through a pass through mod when i came across some postcards that sega had sent me after i had bought a saturn from them in 1995. I can remeber recieving about 5 postcards over a period of about 6 months from them.

The post cards had cover picutres of new games on them and on the back of the card was a euro saturn logo printed vaguely on it.

The cards that i recieved were as follows,

Fighting Vipers


Daytona CCE

Virtual On

Fighters Megamix

(thats all i have found so far)

Did anyone else get these?

about the post cards, i got them when i sent away the registration card that was in my Aus/PAL Saturn. It was like some games club, you got the same registration thing whether it was a mega cd/mega drive/ saturn.

Ill have a scan of them this weekend if nyone wants them, email me after that.