sega saturn save converter

Hey guys, I decided recently to try mednafen (actually mednaffe) and I like it a lot. I would like to convert now the internal memory of some games from SSF to Mednafen. So I follow the steps described by @aznbkmami (SSF to Mednafen):

- Open the .bkr file in the RAM parser and try to insert the file of SSF (insert mode: SSF). But I get this message and I cant insert it:


I must be doing something wrong because I remember being able to convert from SSF to yaba with the same method and it worked back then. But when I try it now I get this same error. So it is not something related to the .bkr or bkram files but a different issue I would say.

Any thoughts?
I´d totally appreciate any input about this! :)

PS: I got it! I was trying to insert the wrong file (the save state instead of the internal backup). Now it works. False alarm :burnout:
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