SegaCD development

Does anyone know of any development going on for the SegaCD?

It would be nice to have a little homebrew game to try. Anything would be interesting really.

What would be really nice is a program that could read 'Save States' from a CDR and load them into the SCD's save RAM or RAM cartridge.

wishful thinking.
There is a little program that i got off the internet and burned to cd for use on the mega cd.

It's a program that when you connect a cable to your printer port and then get an old sega genesis controller and cut that, join the 2 up and then you can copy sega cd's to your pc as iso's and also carts as rom files. COOL!!! - Home of SLO (SegaLOader) a bootloader/text-viewer/RAW audio sample player. The functionality of the last two are somewhat limited. - I believe this is what Paul was talking about, but it doesn't allow you to rip CDs, just test software and dump carts. - Website of Kevin Banks. He's written a number of homebrew titles for the Genesis. He adapted one of them to work with SLO, but you need to build your own ISO to try it using buildscd (found at the first site I listed) or use the cable from the second site.

Unfortunately, there is currently no utility to transfer savegames to and or from the Sega CD. I'd like to add this to SLO at some point, but I've got a lot of things on my plate already.

I'm also running a Sega CD dev contest (see Dev central) so hopefully we'll see some cool stuff out of that. I've anounced it at a few forums and I've got 2 definate contestants and a number more that are interested. I'm hoping that once I get some basic tutorials put together and I announce the prize that I'll see some more interest.