SegaGen problems!

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I know that this emulator is illegal, but i dying to play Genesis games on my Dreamcast. I follow instuction from tutorial and everything is fine, i burn the emulators with roms (all .bin format with no spaces between names). I use Selfboot Setup V1.1. When i put the disk in my Dreamcast he starts normaly. Sega logo screen is there and emulators boot with no problems. But when he boot there is no roms in the menu. There are only several toggles and switches that i can change (Graphics Mode , Frame Skip Mode and Sound Mode ). After that i put diks im my PC and in the data directory there are all roms. I tryit 5 CDs and every time the thins are the same.
Any ideas what i mistake.
Make sure u burnt the roms in the right directory. Try that, should work. BTW, tell us how itr runs (speed, sound, compat, etc.) Later.
The emu runs fine (IIRC it is basically a direct port of KGen), but the sound is pretty especially.
It's got nothing to do with KGen, except that it shares its name with the Smash Pack for PC (which is a custom version of KGen). KGen is much better than the Dreamcast Smash Pack emulator.
I don't make it selfboot, but with utopia the emulators work normaly. I have about 400 roms and the compatibility is 80%. The speed most of the time is 100%, but the sound in some games is like NES sound. I make the SegaGens with lamec interface and with him is alot more easy to work with than the original Echelon interface.
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