Segatool problem

I'm the proud owner of a Mega drive 1 with Magic Drive
it works perfectly when I load the roms from 3,5" disks. But for some reason, Segatool won't recognize the Magic Drive anymore, and whatever I do, I keep getting a "device error". I must say, I don't remember what OS I was using the last time it worked, the problem might be that I'm using WinXP now (although I do think I got it to work with XP before). Does anyone have any tips for me? Or, does anyone know if there is another program from which you can load roms into the Magic Drive?

There's a good chance that XP is your problem, as it doesn't allow programs to perform direct I/O port accesses (just like NT/2000). Look for a driver/program package called "giveio", or make a DOS boot disk and try that.