shining Force 3 Scen 1?

Not much of a problem just a question, When u split ur Force up for the battle at the dam do u split the force urself or r they automatically plit into 2 groups. If u do it urself whats the best people to have in each team, i looke don sme walkthrough sites but they dont say much. Also when hiring 1 of the mercenries who is best i heared to pick one of the magic users but i was wondering if 1 is better than the other.

You split the party yourself. To a degree anyway.

Your main party, led by Synbios, will head for the bridge.

Your reserve party, led by Fynnding, will head for the dam.

How to split them? That's up to you and the strenghts of your party members. Same goes for the mercenary really.

After saving the game, try some different character combinations until you come up with something that works for you and your battle style.
And remember that you'll have to fight the team you send to the damn in Scenario 2, so go easy on the spell casters.