Shining Force 3 Scenario 3 problem

Hiya all

I've download Shining Force 3 Scen 3 ISO a long time ago. ISO file with a mp3 track known as track02. I converted the ISO to PAL using saturnconverter(since my Sat is PAL) and converted track02.mp3 to wav. Then I burned it using Easy CD Pro (of course I joint the audio file).

Then I do the swap trick, and in the very first battle when I or an enemy attack me, the screen goes black, music is playing but it freezes. And displays some stupid error.

I was wondering if any of you had this problem. My ISO had 386 MB (405.504.000 bytes), the mp3 track file had 320 KB (327.680 bytes). When I converted the mp3 to wav the file got 2,25 MB (2.359.296 bytes).

If you can help, please reply!

Thanks for your time

I have the EXACT same problem.

Let me guess... did you downloaded it from Ralos' FTP? I've got 4 coasters right here. 2 of them actually run on my Saturn, but gimme read errors on the battle scenes.

I suspect that rip isn't good, maybe it got a few erroneous sectors in the ISO itself (or zeroed sectors).

I'm glad (?) you posted this. I was starting to suspect my Saturn laser lens were getting weak, and was going to mess with the laser power switch. Now I'm sure that rip is bad.

Dang... I had to wipe out most of my saved games to allow Scenairo 3 to save (what a MASSIVE save file).
Guess what? The game crashes on emulators too, at the same point:


So the ISO at Ralos FTP is corrupted indeed. I'll warn him about that.

Meanwhile, I'll try to find it on another FTP, and I'll also try to re-upload it to Ralos.
Wow, so it's really corrupted. Thank god it's not a problem of my console

It would be cool if you could re-upload a working copy of Sf3 scen3 cause I can't wait to play it... Scenario 1 and 2 were some of the best games I ever played in a while.

Thanks a lot, Prince M3dion
This is an oooold post, but has this porblem been solved? I have the same, got the image off a DC hub (the now dead DC world). Does the FTP have a good rip now?
Don't ask. There are no requests here.

If you want to find out, you have to look for yourself.
Ralos FTP hasn't been around for a long time, sadly. That said, whoever you decide to get the game from, you should just ask them if their version is good or bad...