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i dont know if this is the right place or not, and please dont start flaming me until u have read the complete thing. (in other words, DONT BAN ME W/O WARNING;)


ok ive read this post the other day

i dont know if this is the right place to ask this but

i read elsewhere that u can burn your own smash pack disc for dc. is it really that good? i mean should i just go for smash pack than waiting for atani to release generator for dc? NOTHING (as far as i know) would be considered illegal (maybe shady, but definitely not illegal) because i alreay own (legally, purchased from store) sega's smash pack vol 1, AND i own lots of genny carts. not just the roms, but the actual physical carts, so very legal for me to own the roms. plus, i am NOT ASKING FOR ROMS.

so, the point. how to burn the smash pack disc with my own roms? i have some experience with discjuggler and self-boot ip.bin's. and i know i cant simply copy it from my own smash pack gd because i dont have the proper equipment. and i dont belong to any of them kalisto/hooligan/whatever.

so, would anyone be uh kind enough to help me burn my very own personal smash pack disc?? ^_^
AFAIK, it's likely to not actually be legal unless you actually copy the ROM images and Smash Pack emulator program from your own legal copies.

That being said, you need to get the emulator program. This was released into the warez world by Echelon, I think the filename is, but I don't remember clearly.
well its pretty obvious most people dont have access to the dc-cable or the dc broadband adapter. aside from that do u think id be able to find it on ftp's? also, would i get banned for asking if anyone has it?
The echelon's segagen release were 2 cds with about 1200 roms in total. But you can find the plain files of the emulator pretty easy.
Most people consider this emulator illegal because you aren't allowed to modify copyrighted content or something like that. And from what I have heard is that you can swap a rom cd in (as you can do with most dreamcast emulators). Also echelon released it standalone at first. I don't know if it was echelon or another group that released it with all those roms or not and I don't really care. I still consider this thing illegal anyways but hopefully I've shed some light on this.
thanks for offering me help. i guess i'll go ftp-hunting tonight. i would have said irc-hunting, but i have NO FOOKING CLUE how to use irc ^_^

in case some really nice person is willing to help me (hint hint, binary, hint hint)




(hope i dont get in trouble for mentioning smash pack)