SNES emu for SEGA Saturn released


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This Super Nintendo emulator is a SEGA Saturn port of snes9x. The fast assembler cpu core of DreamSNES for Dreamcast has been ported from SH4 to SH2, too, and it is the first released app to use the SGL replacement library. These two things are the reason that, though snes9x pushes the SEGA Saturn to it's limits, the emu runs faster than any of my previous released Emulators.

The emu comes in two versions: a fast but less compatible one using ASM cpu core (recommended) and a slow but compatible one using C cpu core.

Download: snes9x-on-saturn-060729.7z

(requires 4MB RAM cart, or use Saturn emus yabause or SSF)


The download archive (extract with WinRAR or contains a couple of homebrew SNES ROMs and everything needed to build custom CD images with your own ROMs on Windows. Just click on MakeFast.bat or MakeSlow.bat. To have a quick start, the ready-to-burn CD images snes9x_fast.iso and snes9x_slow.iso are included, too.

Almost forgot to say that the emu is still slow (although I could apply massive speedups), some demos run quite fast. By using the slave cpu and hardware rendering (like in VBT's SMS Plus port), I expect it could reach playable speeds for some games.

Enjoy it,

I hoped you' would make a release one day :) That's a nice news I will do some more tests. Let's hope you'll make more releases of this emu :) Did you check the sources of the latest Snes9x ?
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That's a nice news I will do some more tests. Let's hope you'll make more releases of this emu :) Did you check the sources of the latest Snes9x ?

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This is exactly the same version as the private beta you tested before. I hope to do more releases, too :D . No, I haven't checked the latest sources, but thanks for pointing me there. I'll check the changelog right now.
For an SNES emulator, FPS can vary widely depending on the effects the game uses... for example Earthbound does a plasma effect in the background of the battle screen that makes some emulators slow WAY down (I'm guessing it does really heavy palette rotation and forces the emulator to re-convert the entire BG to the native pixel format every frame). From my experiences with DreamSNES, a game that is surprisingly undemanding is Super Punch-Out...
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I understand. But, for an overall idea. 5-10 or 15-20 or so.

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I made benchmarks using homebrew demos and no frameskip. Some demos reach 10.76 FPS. With increasing frameskip, speed incrreases, too, but I haven't measured yet.

Commercial games are in general slower. Some of them however have a promising in game speed with frameskip and those games may become sort of playable with to-be-implemented hardware rendering and slave cpu usage.

If anyone here is doing benchmarks on his own, please publish your results here.
Wow some nice work! Ill definitly hafta give this a try. Would be amazing if you could get some games to be playable too.

Do you think with some of the Saturns advanced hardware (dual processors etc) it would be possible to get a better SNES emulator on Saturn than DC? Im thinking not, but im certainly no expert when it comes to console hardware and emulation.

Any plans to port a genesis emulator over to Saturn in the future?