SNES S-Video?

Jaded God

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Does SNES output S-Video?? I was told that the normal Model 1 will, but not the compact Model 2 the redesigned one with the two oval buttons and no liders.

I have a model 1 and I am going to buy a gamecube S-video cable which should work on it if it supports s-video correct?

I always use my gamecube RCA composite jacks for all 3 system N64/GC/SNES to save space on my switchbox.
Yes, it definitely does. Don't believe me? Use your GC/N64 av plug with it. Behold the visual splendor that is s-video!!
Yup, all SNES's with the Nintendo standard A/V plug on the back will output S-Video.

It's just a cable, after all. Technically it carries the same information as composite, and as RF, just with far greater fidelity.
Yes I knew this since my AV *composite* video cables I use for all 3 systems...

Just making sure before I cash out on S-Video cables.
Actually the model 2 SNES has the same AV port but it DOES NOT output svideo. It's simply not connected to it inside. Just like RGB on the N64. But if you have the original SNES then it will work (and if not then I'm using some kind of voodoo magic with mine).

One thing to keep in mind is that the snes will output this really annoying dithered pattern through svideo that can get quite distracting, especially on large single color areas.
No I didn't mod my SNES in any way.

The patter is generated by the console and is in fact there using composite connections it's just sooooo blured it's not visible with them.
Well look at it this way if you play on a large tv (say anything over 25") you're basically making a very low resolution image (256x240 or something near there for the SNES) sharper and more defined. So seeing the huge blocky pixels will be very weird if you're used to the higher resolutions of modern consoles. Is it worth it...yes if you don't mind seeing just how blocky these games truly are. No fancy shmancy emulator enchancements here.