Snk Vs Capcom Chaos For Dreamcast

---Do your part send an email to asking for Snk Vs Capcom Chaos for Dreamcast---

Judging playmore's continued support of the dreamcast via the KOF series it is safe to say that there is a possibility of them porting this awesome fighter to dreamcast. So please guys, do your part help the fellow sega fans and fighter fans please send emails to Playmore asking for SNK vs Capcom for dreamcast, I can't stress anymore how much we need this game. So please send email here Even if Playmore makes this as their last DC game, then the system will go out with a bang!

Thanks alot guys, I understand this maybe dreamcast news, but I thought it was both sega related and snk related and pertained to the whole community so please do this.


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Yes, please do email SNK Playmore.

You know you want this crossover fighter.

[hypnotism voice]You want it so much, you would kill for it.[/hypnotism voice] ;)


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Yeah I emailed em... woo hoo... I can't wait for this, I had heard a rumor that it was confirmed for xbox and ps2.
Originally posted by Sickliquid86@Aug 11, 2003 @ 09:23 PM

sorry about that hermano, but at least we got more mails and signatures right? :lol:

yep looks that way! ;) let's do our best to keep the dreamcast alive!