So has anyone else swapped out their CR2032 for AAA batteries?


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Cause I just did. Yes, that's another thing sticking out of my saturn. I now have video and stereo out on the side, s-video out, and an internally amplified headphone jack. On the other side I have a region switch. Internally of course I have a mod chip...

and now out the back where the old CR2032 went, I now have wires that go out small holes in the door to a pair of AAA batteries. By estimates of mAh of a CR2032 versus AAA's I figure this should last 5x as long as a CR2032, right? In any case, it'll be cheaper to replace when they go dead and since the batteries are actually external, if I ever do get a mpeg card I can still use it. If I had it to do over again though I think I would have put the batteries internal somewhere so that you have to take the top off to change it (since I'm not anticipating having to change it often). If anyone wants pictures of how I did it or anything let me know and I'll post them.

I tried searching the topic, but AAA is too short of a word for it to search for, and I didn't see anything in the first page or two of searching for just battery or batteries.
Scared0o0Rabbit said:
By estimates of mAh of a CR2032 versus AAA's I figure this should last 5x as long as a CR2032, right?
It's complicated. Holding the voltage over time is more important than mAH capacity. I don't think you'll have a problem, though.
Yeah, I'll probably change the batteries more often than they require, but at least it won't be a pain to find batteries for heh.
If you are lucky you can find them in stock in dollar shops. I havent had a problem with them. They may not last as long but they are at least dirt cheap. They last about 1 or 2 days in a vmu if you are constantly playing a vmu game. You can also buy them in bulk online which a lot of people do. But yes aaa or aa are both a hell of a lot easier to buy though may not be cheaper in the long run.
I think I'd give that a shot on my next saturn.

My tastes have really changed since I started modding mine years ago. I'd like to start over with a new one sometime soon and stick to the basic mods: region switch, mod chip, and battery. Right now I have a headphone jack on the saturn that has a built in amplifier, an actual s-video out port, composite video out, and stereo out lol. So much of that stuff I never use and just clutters it up.