Some Saturns can't be fooled by swap trick

I just got myself another Sega Satun coz my other one has died (R.I.P.). The problem is that I can no longer swap CDs in the drive. When ever I replace the CD it begins to look for the copy protection on the CDR! It's a model 2 SS (same model number as my old one) I had no problems doing it with my other saturn. Why won't this one let me do it?
i have the same problem with certain games on my swapping unit, all i did there was swapped an original back in, then put the cdr back on after it read the copy protection

works fine
I'm geting a mod board soon. I opened it up and the inside is vastly differnet to my other saturn, ie less resistors, one sided contacts on the CD cable.
Some "Model 2" systems are exceptionally picky about swap timing. Try spinning the CD up manually when you do the second swap; that can help.
Quote: from TakaIsSilly on 3:51 pm on Feb. 18, 2002

Just don't do something stupid and spin the disk in the oposite direction. That's how my first Saturn went the way of the Dodo :p

I kinda don't understand that?!? :)
ShinJedah: The CD drives makes the disk spin clockwise. A friend of mine, while playing with the drive (that had the CD lid detector glued), decided to spin the disk counter-clockwise at high speed and them turn on the Saturn. The engine provably demanded too mutch current from the drive circutry to counter the movement, and fried the Saturn CD drive. That's the sad tale of my first Saturn. Dodo was a bird taken to extincion in the early XIX or XVIII century. It is costume to refeer to stuff that are rare being destroyed to be "going the way of the Dodo". Hope I cleared any questions :p

I'm having a mod chip installed as well, I can't take mutch more hassle :p