Somone is back here

Hey people ...

I dont know if anyone still remembers me .. Iori .. i remember most of you guys .. well some stuff happened and I couldnt go online for a while .. and now I dont remember the pass to my old account Iori .. not even the email I registered it at .. so I made this new one .. and back to kick some booty .. ok so wassup yall :)
Same with me...i was away for a year or so..i have a printed Sega Xtreme board classic....i remeber most of the old staff and people here but they don't remember me since i don't use the same nickname i did :)
I remember you ..

Btw I got a very nice welcome in the channel .. thanx alot.

Calling me a fag, clown, assclown and shit like for no reason at all ...

Maybe it was a mistake to come back to this board in the first place
yeah I am Death/Iori .. forgot my pass and came back after a while .. and mister SkankinMonkey here dont even know me and calling me troll for nothing.

heh all because I said I have 3 CDX systems.


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Oh I remember Death :)

His last post was that "What do you think of me" one.

Ah, the memories :biggrin:
Yep thats me ... and now look what welcome I get when I come back ... owning 3 CDX systems is not impossible when you are a collector.


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As I recall, you were universally shunned for making ridiculous statements about the size of your Sega collection, and not being able to prove that you had anything at all.

And if you think people (esp. mods and admins) don't like you simply bacause you own 3 CDX systems, then you need to think harder.

EDIT: Oh I just realised(after browsing the board for 5mins) the other reason you were not liked - the spam.

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Wait wait .. what spam ? and what rediculous statements .. ?

First I might have said a few things about my collection .. and because many of the members have no trust they simply made a big deal out of it ..

Also I do not have to prove anything to anyone at all .. I do not owe anybody any explanations or anything? so dont blame me for not proving my collections.

Second .. I do not understand anything about spamming thing, I did not spam ever on this board.

Please show me a link so I can take a look. Because if its true that my account was used to spam then thats possibly the reason why my password did not work.. maybe it was stolen.

Third, I did not have a history of people hating me at all. In fact every one was very friendly.

Fourth, when SkankinMonkey started kicking me he did not know that I was Death, so everything you say can not be a possible reason for him kicking me out.

Then also, about proving the collection thingy. I would really like to see trust .. or at least if you do not believe me dont get angry and start going mad and kicking me.

At least shut up ... I mean would u rather a guy who gives u fake shots of systems or what ?

Thats all I have to say, if somebody hates me or anything that really hurts.

And if I cant fix my relationship with them in any way then I will simply try to stay away from them.

One other thing .. thanx Fabrizo.
You think the people here are bad? These are some of the nicest and most helpful people I've ever met across the internet. I spend five minutes at the message boards and remember why I love it so much here...MAN those people are ornary...


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about your collection (and btw, i have no idea who you are, but... uhh... read on). I dont see how you can expect people to believe if you dont have pictures. I say its possible, but who cares if i cant see it. Good for you. You dont have an obligation to prove, and we dont have an obligation to care. and when you keep talking about it (which i believe since you have already bragged about having 3 cdxs a couple times) it gets annoying REAL quick. I have read probably around 20 of your posts, and i can see clearly why skank dealt with you the way he did.


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I thought the sig looked familiar...

You spamming?

Maybe technically you weren't, but you sure as #### could never shut up. I hope you've grown up a bit. Doesn't sound like it though.

[edit] Hmm... 33 posts in one day. Back to old form.

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