Super Duper Yoshi

I just thought you guys might like to know that our resident friendly Piracy expert Super Yoshi, now has his own message board.

Yoshi forum

I might have to pay it a visit and give my views on certain things :biglaugh
well, it's nice to see that someone is watching yoshis actions. make sure he doesn't go running around with scissors

btw. i'm getting a page cannot be displayed error.

maybe the enormous droves of super yoshi fans are using all the bandwidth
According to his profile on his forum he's only 14 years old. I hope people don't pick on him too much, as he might still grow up to be a sane member of humanity.
i have no idea what yoshi did or anythign about him even though i've been here for awhile. and as i say only worry about yourself.
ummm. he's irritating. that infringes on my ability to worry about myself.

anyway damnit where's your peoples sense of humor.

laughing at fools like that makes me feel better, are you trying to take that right away from me?
I have not been here very long but someone showed me the posts he put on these forums and they were hilarious.

He basically told us all how we were all going to jail because we were all pirates and then started quoting ELSPA.

His forum is back up now, it had server problems (I have the same forum hosts)
maybe his dad works at blizzard