Super Street Fighter 2


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Ok I bought ssf2 for my nomad, and it worked but it was glitchy as ####, so i cleaned the cart, and now all i get is the dreaded pink screen of death like you'd get using a model 1 first gen genesis. I was under the impression that the nomad was based upon the genesis 2, any ideas?
It happened with ssf2, because of the 40 meg cart it wouldnt work properly on a model 1 early sega genesis, a compatibility problem, the same problem plagued ps4, games wouldnt save if you played them on an early model 1 genesis.
that's news to me.

I've played and beat PS4 on the very first genesis model (first series, soon after release) without probs.

and I'm pretty sure I played SSF2 on it fine some years back too.
i had the genesis that came with sonic 1; bought it right once it was released with sonic. both games worked on my model.
A red/pink screen at boot almost always means that the game has an internal checksum routine that failed. If PS4 and SSF2 are the only games that have problems, I'd suggest checking out pin B31 (front of the cartridge, second from the right). AFAIK very few games use this pin, but it's apparently vital to the banking mechanisms used by SSF2, PS4, and Beyond Oasis.
Those were the 3 games that never worked properly on my model 1 genesis, I got one of the first batch made of the system, back when it was $330 canadian. Its dumb too, those 3 games have probs on my mod 1 gen, but on my mod 2 they work fine. and PS4 works fine on the nomad.
I have an early Model 1 - early enough to have the "High Definition Graphics" text, "third joystick port", and Altered Beast as the pack-in. It runs PS4 and Beyond Oasis just fine. I've never heard of that mechanism being absent on any Genesis model...
Ok, hmm, cuz I dont think there is anything wrong with the system, my other genesis units have been thru #### and back compared to this unit. mine also had the "high definition graphics" and all that on it, it ran phantasy star 4 but just wouldnt save.

And I'm still wondering, what model of genessi is the nomad based on, genesis 2?
If anything, the Genesis 3 is probably based on stuff done for Nomad. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if Majesco just got a license from Sega and started buying from one of the Chinese clone outfits that was already running...
Early Genesis systems have a female DB-9 on the back that was apparently used for some peripherals in Japan. From a hardware/software perspective, it just acts like another joystick port.
But one would have to assume that it has no compatibilty with games that support more than 2 players, correct?

Tell me.
Right. There are at least three different methods (Sega, EA, J-Cart) used to communicate with multiple pads, but AFAIK none of them use the third port.