Sweetest looking console controller and cartridge


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Okay, I think the best looking console is the Genesis 3... if you sand and spray paint the shell, and also cause it's so small.... the best looking cartridge I think is the 32X cart, it's just cool looking. and the best controller is the saturn 3d analog....

I hope we don't return to the sharp edges of the 80's in the near future....
Some pictures (if not, links to sites that have them) would be nice, for those of us who don't own nor ever seen nor heard of a certain system before. Just a thought. ;)
I personally think the Power Glove for NES was the coolest looking. Although, looks are all it has going for it, the thing sucked ass. It chafed your knuckles, had an operating "area" of about 2 square inches on the screen, and you had to recalibrate it like every 5 seconds. But who could resist all those buttons!

For coolest cartridge, I'm not sure...maybe Guardian Legend for the NES, it had a cool reddish look to it with some evil eyes in the sky :p
Coolest controler ever, hmmmm. Well I would have to say the Dreamcast one, it just looks so sweet with its vmu display, and being able to put two cards in it at once is nice to. As for the best looking cart, I would have to say the 32x ones. Sure, most the games arn't that great, but the carts sure do look interesting :)
OMFG! I can't resist Amplex you are totally awesome. Guardian Legend is one of the greatest Sleeper hits for NES. Anyone who likes Zelda type action would probably like this game. Man, I know this is totally irrelevant, but you find 10,000 that love Zelda, its rare to find people who love Guardian Legend as much as I do.
I heard pretty bad things about the XBox controller, but holding one confirms it. Granted I have small hands, but it feels way too large and bulky. This may be a situation where 3rd party controllers are actually better than the originals.
Well, I havn't actualy held an xbox control in my hands yet, but from what I hear, 3rd parties are going to get rich off of making contolers for that system.
The best controler should be Dreamcast one .. cartrige is 32x i think .. console is Dreamcast ..

And by the way Fabrizo you got nice sig ..
Thanx, I was wondering when someone would say something about my new one. :)

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Whoops, nope, never read that. I havn't been posting or reading much stuff on the board here for the last couple of days. I am posting like 5 messages a day now, used to post like 30-40 a day though. Anyways, I just changed the sig pic on NX to the one from SX, sience the people who have said something about it seem to like it :)
Judging from the XBox demo system set up at my local Toys R Us, the XBox controlers are pretty good. They seem a little heavier than other controlers, but the shape fits my hands slightly *better* than the Dreamcast controler. The shape allows my left thumb to naturaly align right over the analog control, rather than placing my thumb over the digital pad as the DC does. The only button I had a problem with was the little clearish one on the top right.

Now, granted, someone with smaller hands might not find this controller so comfortable.

I just wish they'd had a GameCube demo set up so I could've tried it too.
The Gamecube controller is supposed to fit real nice, dispite the funky look to it. I'm sure we'll all be swamped with it once it hits the shelves.
X-Box controler feels good in my hands but the 2 buttons in the back dont really fit with my hands, also I think the 32X carts look good, the Genesis 3 or the PSone and for controler, ill say Genesis 6 button, Dreamcast one and Model 2 saturn pads look really good.