to those who don't backup

to those who don't backup

Don't worry about SX, its triple backed up

As to my personal stuff, its kinda hard to backup about 150gb of stuff, even with a dvdrw drive.
to those who don't backup

Should've backed up the file at that link. HAHAHA... ok, sorry.

IceMan2K: 150GB ... I bet most of that stuff is static, i.e. never changes, just sits on your harddisk. You can burn that part of your stuff to CD-Rs for eternity, and concentrate on the small remains to backup regularly.

Also, with a tape drive and a few 30GB tapes (or whatever size they come in nowadays) even a full backup shouldn't be so bad..
to those who don't backup

I saw that when it was actually on tv but I can't remember what that thing actually was. Haha it never gets old though.
to those who don't backup

It might be the cylinder used in that Thomas Edison audio recording device, whatever it was called. That's my guess.
to those who don't backup

That was on the callforhelpathon? jesus, of the few hours i missed.. well, at least i caught chris's breakdown.
to those who don't backup

What the hell did he do to that thing? It looked like he sqeezed it or something. It practically exploded.
to those who don't backup


I got the .wmv file but WMP wouldn't play it. "Can't load source filter."

I don't know what it *is* that breaks WMP's functionality with .wmv and .asf files .....

Oh, and don't waste your time suggesting to reinstall it... I did that, along with Win98SE itself.
I haven't been able to play .wmv and .asf in forever.