Tomb Raider originally for 32X?

i read in a old ass copy of Next Generation Magazine about how Tomb Raider was Originally designed and was supposed to be released on the sega 32X, no joke, i'll dig it up and find out what issue and year if someone doubts me ........ does anyone know anything about this? is there a beta out there? hehe - keep it real guys
doesn't happen to be the april issue, does it?

TR wasn't even planned by the time 32X was dead, let alone being worked on.
I wouldn't think the game was in the works for the 32x. One thing you may find interesting to know though about Laura Croft is: originaly she was going to be a he. That is a fact, learned it a couple of years ago from a Playstation Underground disk where there was a video interview with the creators of the series.
Ah yes. That's what I thought it was, but I wasn't going to waste some time going in the other room to check the Tomb Raider case, so I just went with however the person before me (Fabrizo) spelled it.
whoa whoa whoa, at first i agreed with you guys when you guys said that it wasn't possible, being that lara didn't come out till after the 32X was dead ........ this is WRONG, doing some very superficial research i discovered that it is entierly possible, and acording to the interview with one of the game producers, is correct as well..... here are some quotes and sources to defend myself: "The year was early 1994: Core Design, an unknown, nearly bankrupt British software company was approached to create an Indiana Jones-type game involving the exploration of ancient tombs." i got that from , and as for the 32X: "US Release Date: 11/??/94" and this was from ......... as you can see it is possible that this is true, and if i could find the fucking article i bet that would be a lot more helpful, but my mother fucking dumped a grip of my NextGen Mags away, if anyone has old subscriptions to the magazine contact me and i can help you find it, becuase i remember what it looked like......... thanks again guys, again if you know anything about this, please drop a reply
actually on the first address i list you can find this quote in teh article: "Work commenced on the original Tomb Raider in 1993, but it was not until November of 1996 that the game actually saw the light of day as a retail product. " ............. pelanty of time to think about development on the 32X
Yes. Fantastic. Would you like a gold star or an elephant stamp?

It could have been initially developed on the 32x going on the time frame, but it's a shame there's no mention of it.

If only your mother hadn't dumped your mags...
sweet, well if anyone has a subscription to Next-Generation Magazine, going back about 4 or 5 years, message me, and we will solve this together! ......... i will take a pink triangle sticker, thank you......
its possible in theory..

but tomb raider was originally, to the best of my knowledge, a PC title only. It wasn't until it was realized that it could actually sell that it was considered to be ported (at great expense too, in those days) to psx, saturn, 32x, super nintendo, game boy, atari 2600 whatever..

I think its possible a team at eidos sat in a conference room one day and said 'psx version? yeah sure.. what about that sega thing, 32x or whatever? thats sega saturn now sir... shut up your fired!'..

so anyways, thats the conversation i envision some intern overhearing and eventually relaying the 'scoop' to the propellerheads who would care about such a piece of trivia.

personally I think its a game thats gotten too much hype.. (i can think of only 2 reasons to play it; the left one and the right one)

a 32x version would have looked and played even worse than the godawful saturn port (dont kid yourself, the SS port is awful and you know it)
tomb raider for sega saturn wasn't a port, the saturn was the first system to play tombraider. "And let's not forget that TR was originally released with the intention of being a console game only...TR first came out for the Sega Saturn, not the Sony PlayStation, or the PC. " found at this URL:

but i think you theory is probably mostly accurate.
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A lot of games were planned for the 32x and then moved up the saturn e.g. Alien Trilogy meant for the 32x but then later ported to the saturn when 32x died. Thats why alien trilogy is one of those games that only used 1 processor of the sega saturn as it was a port from 32x.