Top 10 annoying repeat threads on the boards

1. What are the top 10/20 Saturn games?

2. Does the European gun work with US dreamcasts?

3. Can the XXXXX model burner rip the Saturn's protective ring?

4. What's your age?

5. What song are you listening to?

6. Post your pic.

7. Which FTP is the best?

8. What *system* games do you own?

9. Where do you live?

10. What kind of hardware should i upgrade to
1) I'll do 10 in no specific order

1. Nights

2. Shining Force 3

3. Snatcher

4. Burning Rangers

5. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

6. Radiant Silvergun

7. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

8. Lunar 1: SSC

9. Thunderforce V

10. Dracula X

2) Maybe, never tested it.

3) No.

4) 20

5) Atom And His Package - If You Own The Washington Redskins, You're A Cock


7) Mine.

8) Too many to list here. (Characterlimit/message length concerns)

9) NC

10) TNT Ultra with a 10meg hardrive and 4meg of ram
1) Can I get XXXX game and XXXX game? (Yes I know I'm a hypocrite 'cause I requested Shadowrun)

2) Isos are illegal and you all are going to HELL!!

3) Hi! I'm selling XXXX on eBay!

4) Here's an empty FTP that doesn't belong to me but I want you all to fill it anyways!

5) This is off topic but.... (again I am and will be a hypocrite on this one).

6) I hate all you (insert racial slur here)!

7) I hate (insert videogame company) fanboys!!

8) XXXX game sucks!! (I can understand this once in awhile, but my tolerance is fully dependent on my own opinion).

9) What is your favorite (insert anything here)?

10) Sega Xtreme sucks!!! (If you don't like it, get the fark out!)
I'm sorry skainkin' but I just can't help but laugh...but please know I laugh with you as well as at you....
1.-10.: I have this problem I haven't even tried doing anything about. Solve it for me!
Originally posted by antime@July 13 2002,01:50

1.-10.: I have this problem I haven't even tried doing anything about. Solve it for me!


1-10: Get on AIM and bug skank about stuff he has no control over and then post a thread about it where he can make a reply that has nothing to do with the topic
imma start a post your pic thread soon

under the guise of find your sega xtreme mate

so that nerdy sega gamers can breed with other nerdy sega gamers and produce little nerdy sega gaming kids
i will never post a pic in the post your pic here thread ever again since it's pointless because i have a pic of myself posted all the time
Could you do us a favor and put a shirt on and take another picture? J/clownin'
arakon that's a great question i always wanted to know that can you LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

no you stupid fuck you can't

ok thanks
Arakon Posted on July 13 2002,10:38


"can we play genesis roms from cd with segacd?"

why the fuck not?

we can play sms carts on a genesis


btw cynnamin, eatin' an enormous sushi/sashimi platter right now. wish you were here