TRADE: Psone, lcd screen, battery for GC

I'm wishing to trade my pretty nice psone system for a gamecube,

My psone system includes the following:

Psone console - inc all cables, manuals, box, controller

LCD Screen - 4 in, Wild thing, incs plugs,manuals, car cigareete thingy, and box

Battery - For Psone and LCD screen, lasts upto 3 hours (powers both Psone and LCD Screen at once!)

Memory Card

1 Game

I hope for a black (not picky though)gamecube from any region, should include all cables, 1 controller and at least 1 game

Please do note that my systems are UK models, you may need an adapter.
ok then, not much of a reaction,

does anyone know where I can get rid of this thing? And I mean for cash, not the local dump
Tis too good for that, I'll miss it, but I need a Gamcube for all those Gamecube exclusive Sega titles
ah heck,

what about £80 for the whole lot? (about $105) You can't get better than that, i hope. Just a week before i sell this on ebay. <_<