Translating Fire Pro Wrestling


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I'm going to try translating Fire Pro again. Using hex edit and girigiri's backup ram capabilities I have this as a possible character table:

FF82 FF60 = A

FF82 FF61 = B

FF82 FF62 = C

FF82 FF63 = D

FF82 FF64 = E

FF82 FF65 = F

FF82 FF66 = G

FF82 FF67 = H

FF82 FF68 = I

FF82 FF69 = J

FF82 FF6A = K

FF82 FF6B = L

FF82 FF6C = M

FF82 FF6D = N

FF82 FF6E = O

FF82 FF6F = P

FF82 FF70 = Q

FF82 FF71 = R

FF82 FF72 = S

FF82 FF73 = T

FF82 FF74 = U

FF82 FF75 = V

FF82 FF76 = W

FF82 FF77 = X

FF82 FF78 = Y

FF82 FF79 = Z

I'm guessing two hex bytes is more then enough to hold the entire Japanese + English + Misc characters.

It doesn't look right to me. Too many bits for characters. Is there any way to quickly scan the entire game for text? I have no idea which game file contains the text. Something like search for word "OFF"?
I believe the programmers used SJIS as the base for their font, and that is what you seem to have in your table right now, at least for the characters you found. If you make a table for kana, too, you will be able to tell where text in the game is stored.