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Translating Grandia 0.9.2-RC


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It's probably doable but I didn't think it was worthwhile for something so minor. Those menu layouts are all hardcoded in assembly and messing with them isn't really fun.


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Before I upload this to SX, could people please test to see if the region patching works for Grandia and a few other random games.


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@Hyperthesis said - Noticed a new glitch in the menu when Feena first joins the party. Some weird graphical artifacts off to the far left. I'm using v.9.2RC and SSF PreviewVerR18(Test8)

I noticed this as well, but it's actually the "fog" effect that occurs in the main game causes wobbly lines in the menu. So it's less of a glitch and more of a feature.
Noticed some minor issues with the dialogue. Basically just awkward line breaks. Awkward pause in the middle of dialogue box when Justin is talking about Rem (I think "about him" should be on the same line if there's going to be a pause, or just display the bottom two lines together); Nana finishing a sentence with "...beast" in a new textbox when there was room in the prior one; and same issue as Nana with a villager who starts a new textbox with "safely" when there was room on the prior.

Unrelated to the patch, does anyone know of a translation guide for the battle dialogue? I know it's just "generic banter" and won't be officially translated, but I'd like to know what some of the characters are saying beyond just shouting out the element of their spells (hono, kaze, etc) which is about all my non-Japanese ears can discern. Most seem really different from the English localization; e.g. Mio's VA and banter sounds so much sweeter and psychotic than her weird, cocky/edgy English lines.


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I'd have to take a look but if that's how they are in the PS1 version then I probably wont bother changing it.

Also keep in mind that while it may look like there was space in the previous box, that may not be the case. The font is 8x16 and is fixed width, not variable width. So it may actually go beyond the 1 space buffer that's on the sides of the text box.