Translating Lunar Silver Star Story


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The size of the image doesn't directly correspond to size in frames on CD, since the payload per frame varies by track type. But I think it was a recommendation, akin to "safe" regions of the display, rather than a strict rule, since neither the software development standards nor the master CD-ROM release form documents makes any mention of it.


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The big issue you will likely run into if you go down that path is running out of space on the CD. Saturn specs claim the most the saturn can read is 63 minutes (about 566MB of data). I dont know if larger cds work or not, or if there are compatibility issues between Saturns even if they do (no saturn retail game was made to exceed 63 minutes). Assuming you're stuck at 566MB -- The PCM data is raw and uncompressed, so thats going to take a bit of space. By editing the script you can squeeze in an additional 20 or so PCM files for longer audio segments. (01-99 are already taken, but files A0 to A9 and B0 to B9 are possible due to the way the filename is calculated based on script inputs). Then you will need to basically keep playing with the cinepak compression settings until you make some sort of compromise to fit within the space thats left. You might want to play with the cinepak encoding for now on the mac, figure out if its worth the hassle (its annoying), then wait for our final release to make your changes.
Well, the ISO for Lunar is already 648MB; without the 2 audio tracks it's 540MB (although that includes the replaced WD tracks). I don't recall whether the audio tracks on the disc are used by the game or if they're just bonus content, but that could be extra space to gain, if necessary.

Your reply led me to look deeper into the text dumps and now I see the csv shows when it calls a voiceload (thanks); I'm now trying to figure out how this relates to how long a file gets played...
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Hi , i was looking into this translation today and wanted to try it on org hardware where can i dL the bin. cue ? or iso