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Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by TrekkiesUnite118, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    So I went through and converted all the PS1 voice samples, and oh boy are there some size issues. There's about 5-6 files that just absolutely will not fit into the Saturn's audio RAM as they are. Basically Working Designs really took a lot of liberties on some of these lines and drew them out. For example Ghaleon's death speech is about 25 seconds in the Japanese version, while it's been extended to a whopping 1:05 in the English version. This makes the clip almost a 1MB in size and there's no real way to trim it down or clip it from what I can see. On the PS1 this isn't much of a problem as the sound chip can play compressed samples, but on the Saturn this is going to be a big issue as samples have to be decompressed in memory last I checked.

    Other issues are a bunch of additional sound effects added that bring clips like the other characters singing the "La-La" Song up to about 800K. Another is Luna and Alex's exchange getting on the boat. Lines for Nall were added in the English version as well as more lines between Alex and Luna to draw it out. This brings this file to about 520K.

    Some of these I think can be worked around though. The Singing ones you could just stick with the Japanese clips or use the XSeed clips. The boat sequence could have Nall's bit and Alex's additional lines cut. But Ghaleon's death is going to be a real issue to deal with.

    But I've attached the converted files either way. There's one I wasn't able to find the corresponding Japanese clip for, it's one of Ghaleon saying "Time to Die". I think it's a battle clip. It seemed to not be in the correct order in the PS1 audio files.

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  2. Ms. Tea

    Ms. Tea New Member

    Haven't posted in awhile, have I? Sorry about that. Things have been a little slow, but still ongoing. Been experimenting with decompiling the script into code; that could make it more flexible to edit and compile back into binary later, for example for non-English translations. Here's a short sample of the decompiler's output for one dialogue box:

      (show-portrait 0x39)
      (print-line "That's Luna, all right! I bet")
      (print-line "you're in for it now, Alex!")
      (print-line "She hates when you're late!")
      (control-code 0xFF 0x0)
      (control-code 0xFF 0x3)
      (control-code 0xFF 0xFF)

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