Turbo CD Ftp


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Well, since I cant see a better place for this to be posted, and because of the complete lack of posts in this forum, i've decided to post it here. I may be starting up a Turbo CD / Duo Ftp in the near future. Depending on if I re-up the Sega FTP.
No, havent come across snatcher yet, mainly I've been looking for Lords / Gate of Thunder excellent soundtrack in lords. When I come across snatcher, you'll be sure to know.
Is Snatcher about a detective/PI solving a mysterious case? I don't know or remember. If that the case I might have it. Haven't touch my Dou for a long time.
thanks ratamahatta. and yes SCMFXT it is about a detective solving a case. It's also on the sega cd, saturn, and playstation but the PCE version came out befor them i believe.
Quote: from ExCyber on 6:11 pm on Jan. 26, 2002

I guess this is off-topic, but was Snatcher on MSX, or was that only SD Snatcher?

I think there were two snatchers for the MSX, one normal, and one SD
Well, considering someone doesnt have a brain nor is mature, I will no longer be upping that turbo cd ftp OR the sega ftp. The message you receive if you try to log on using the info previously posted, stands.

jim993: if you want snatcher, get in contact with me thru messenger. You will receive the last game from me as I promised you before.
I simply posted these messages to get my point across to you people. wherever I had a message about my server, I posted the same "no host" message there. If you dfont like them, dont read them.